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Movies for Kids (Family Fun: Movie Night)

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This list of Movies for Kids includes TONS of Family Movie Night Recipes, Games, Ideas, and Printables!  This list will continue to grow over the life of my blog, but I needed an easy way for you to be able to find all the fun movie ideas I had on my site.  My boys have loved the activities and food and I am sure your kids will, too!

Movies for Kids: Plus TONS of Family Movie Night Recipes, Games, Ideas, and Printables!

The following things are not in alphabetical order but rather in the order in which I post them on 3 Boys and a Dog.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you would prefer a different organization method. 🙂

Movies for Kids

Baseball Themed Movies for Children

Doc McStuffins Movies

Dog Movies for Kids

Tractor Movies for Kids

Kid Friendly Oscar Nominees 2015

Football Movies for Children

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Movies for Kids

Civil Rights Movies for Kids

Baseball Movies for Kids

Through the Decades:

Netflix Movies:

100+ Netflix Movies for Boys

Movie Night Snacks

The Hundred Foot Journey Recipe:   Bal’s Banana Cardamom Creme Blulee Recipe

The Hundred Foot Journey Recipe:  French Onion Soup

VeggieTales The House That Stood – Tie-dyed Rice Krispie Treats

The Little Rascal’s Save the Day – Grandma’s Apple Cinnamon White Cake

Saving Mr. Banks:  Walt Disney’s Family Chili Recipe

Movie Night Activities

Twinkle Toes: The Movie Coloring Page

BRAVE Movie Cutout Characters

Warhorse Movie – Printable Worksheets

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue printable set

Monsters University:  8 Printable Sets

Odd Life of Timothy Green – Summer Fun Kit

Secret of the Wings – Tinker Bell Summer Printables: Recipes, Games, & Activities

Frankenweenie – Science Activity Sheets

Peter Pan, Diamond Edition – Family Printable Activities


Wreck-It Ralph

Movie Reviews

Movie Review:  Need for Speed

Movies for Kids

Holiday movies for kids can be found on their individual Holiday pages.

How Family Movie Night Contributes to a Well-Rounded Child

Family movie night is more than just a fun evening; it plays a crucial role in child development. Here are several ways in which this activity contributes to a well-rounded child:

Teaches Valuable Life Lessons

Parents can introduce their children to important life lessons by selecting age-appropriate and educational movies. Movies often contain moral dilemmas, portray the consequences of actions, and highlight the importance of virtues like honesty, kindness, and perseverance. These storylines provide a natural way for kids to learn and internalize these values.

Enhances Emotional Intelligence

Movies are rich in emotional content, allowing children to see and understand different emotions and reactions. This exposure helps them recognize and articulate their own feelings, fostering emotional intelligence. Discussing the characters’ emotions and decisions can also teach empathy, as children learn to put themselves in others’ shoes.

Improves Social Skills

Watching movies together creates opportunities for children to practice social skills. They learn to take turns listening and speaking, express their opinions, and respect differing viewpoints. These interactions are essential for developing effective communication and collaboration skills.

Fosters Family Bonding

Family movie night is an excellent way to strengthen family bonds. Sharing experiences, laughing together, and discussing the film afterward create lasting memories and deepen familial connections. This sense of belonging and security is fundamental for a child’s emotional well-being.

Movies for Kids Promote Cultural Awareness and Perspective

Movies often depict different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. Watching a diverse range of films can broaden a child’s understanding of the world, promote cultural awareness, and encourage appreciation for diversity. This exposure helps children develop a global perspective and an inclusive mindset.

Develops Critical Thinking Skills

Analyzing movie plots, predicting outcomes, and discussing characters’ motivations encourage critical thinking. By engaging in discussions about the movie, children learn to form their own opinions, support their arguments with evidence, and think analytically. These skills are transferable to academic learning and problem-solving in everyday life.

Supports Language Development

Movies for kids can enhance language skills by exposing children to rich vocabulary, varied sentence structures, and different accents or dialects. Subtitles can also be a useful tool for improving reading skills and comprehension. Engaging in post-movie discussions further reinforces language development through active use and practice.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination

Movies stimulate children’s imagination and creativity. Seeing fantastical worlds, innovative ideas, and creative storytelling inspires them to think outside the box. This can lead to imaginative play, creative writing, and a general enthusiasm for exploring new ideas and possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Family movie night is entertaining and an enriching educational experience. By carefully choosing films that are suitable for your child’s age and interests, you can leverage this activity to support various aspects of their development, making them more well-rounded individuals.

Ready to plan your next family movie night? Explore our list of Movies for Kids, Family Movie Night Recipes, Games, Ideas, and Printables to make it an unforgettable experience!

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