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Dog Movies for Kids (Family Favorites)

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Thomas is in love with watching pets on YouTube and watching the Buddies movies.  So, I have decided it is time to expand our dog movies for kids collection. 🙂  From funny to adorable…  From sweet to scary…  these movies for kids all feature man’s best friend in some form or other.

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Would these movies be good for dog lovers? 

Yes! These movies would be good for the whole family to enjoy! There are some great animated dog movies here and also some great true story films for animal lovers. Pick a few of these for a family movie or for movie night for the entire family can enjoy. 

No matter if you’re a dog parent or just have a soft spot in your heart for your furry friends, you’ll love this list of dog movies! Some of these might be free on Amazon Prime – so be sure to check out this list of best movies! 

What are some of the different dog types are in the best dog movies of all time? 

There are so many adorable pups in the movie! Some of the common types that you’ll see is a German Shepherd, a hound dog, a Jack Russell terrier, and even a lovable St. Bernard. Those are just a few furry pets that you’ll see in these movies. 

Pay attention to any of the animated film options to see unconditional love from an animated take! Watching an animated movie is perfect for family members to do together! 

What are the most famous dog movies? 

It’s a hard choice, but Old Yeller, Air Bud, Santa Paws, Super Buddies, A Dog’s Tale, and Secret Life of Pets are just a few that come to mind. Any would be a fun movie or a great movie to watch together. 

Some are a heartwarming story, some have a dangerous journey, some show a love story, and all show an epic journey of sorts. 

Dog Movies for Kids:

These Dog Movies for Kids should help you round out your collection with current favorites and Classics!

Dog Movies for Kids:

These are some of the best dog movies for kids!

Do you have a favorite dog movie that your children love?

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Sunday 17th of September 2017

Thanks for sharing a great dog movie list. I'm a big fan of the cats and dogs movie. When I was seeing this movie, I am very interested to observe the cute dog.