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Keep Calm Unicorn Quotes to Help Find Peace

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If you’re feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed, these keep calm unicorn quotes can help! Hearing unicorn quotes can be a simple way to smile and think of happier thoughts easily.

Unicorns are magical beings that bring joy to people’s lives. When you’re needing a break for the “real” world, a unicorn will be waiting for you each and every time.

You’re going to want to memorize some of these keep calm unicorn quotes.

Keep Calm Unicorn Quotes

Life is stressful as it is so why give in to boring quotes out there? Instead, treat yourself to some peace and happiness and give in to your love of unicorns.

Here are some keep calm unicorn quotes that are certain to help you find peace and relaxation.

Keep Calm Unicorn Quotes

All you need to do is memorize a few of these to keep your internal peace.

Keep calm and be a unicorn.

Because being a unicorn is better than not being one.

Keep calm and ride a unicorn.

Spending the day riding a unicorn sounds like one of the best days ever.

Keep calm and color unicorns.

Being artistic with the focus being on unicorns is a great way to find calmness in your daily life.

Keep calm and love a unicorn.

This shouldn’t be very hard to do at all!



Keep calm and think rainbows and unicorns.

That is one happy combination that will have you smiling in no time at all.

Keep calm.- you have unicorn power.

You’re magical in every single way, just like a beautiful unicorn.

Keep calm, you have unicorn power.

That’s the best kind of power to have! Magic and beauty, combined.

Keep calm and believe in unicorns.

Never lose your belief in them. Ever.

Keep calm and follow your dream.

That’s exactly what unicorns love to do.

Keep calm and believe in dreams.

Dreams are what brings us hope. Never give up on your dreams.

Keep calm and poop rainbows.

Because, well…why not? Isn’t that what unicorns are known to do?

Keep calm and be awesome.

Whatever you do, just keep being you.

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