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Short Unicorn Quotes to Remember Quickly

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These short unicorn quotes are great for a quick pick-me-up. It’s hard to dispute that unicorns won’t put a smile on anyone’s face!

If you’re ready to have some short and sweet quotes be lodged in your memory, you’re going to love these. Also, make certain to check out some of these motivational quotes as well!

short unicorn quotes make great one liners

Quotes are great but sometimes, they’re just too long to do anything with. This is why having a handful of shortened unicorn quotes just makes sense. Now you don’t have to spend your time memorizing long quotes but can focus on how fun and short they are instead.

Short Unicorn Quotes

These quotes are so short, you’ll have them memorized after just hearing them one time.

Sparkle wherever you go.

Let that sparkle shine and showcase how awesome you are.

Don’t be basic.

That’s true. Be you, be proud, be unique.

One of a kind.

When you’re one of a kind, it means that you’re special.

Dream like a unicorn.

Can you imagine how awesome unicorn dreams are? Why not dream just like them!

Unicorns are awesome.

They are. There’s no denying that.

Born to sparkle.

You were born to sparkle. Let it shine proudly.

Today, I choose to be a unicorn.

Do this as many times in your life that you want.

I’m not weird, I’m a unicorn.

Truth we told, we’re all a bit “weird”. That’s what makes us unique.

I freakin’ love unicorns.

Who doesn’t? They’re magical and awesome.

Keep calm and be a unicorn.

Yes, in every situation…do this.

I believe in unicorns.

What do you know…I do as well!

Stay magical.

Never let anything take away your inside magic.

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