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27 Easy Hawaiian Recipes

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I adore Hawaiian food. It’s light, delicious, and often calls for pineapple in the recipes which I love. I am always on the lookout for new Hawaiian and island-inspired recipes to try and that’s what you’ll find below!

I’ve pulled together a whopping 27 Hawaiian Recipes that feature delicious Hawaiian style flavors. You won’t have to plan a vacation to your favorite island to enjoy these meals, desserts, side dishes, and more! Make sure to also check out these Hawaiian Recipes for more inspo!

If you want even more sides to keep in your recipe box, stop by and take a look at this massive list of 100 side dish recipes!

A trip to Hawaii may be out of the question right now but these Hawaiian inspired recipes will have you dreaming of sitting on a warm beach with your toes in the sand, no tan needed!

What type of ingredients should you have on hand?

Pacific Island food is fresh, light and typically has tons of flavor. Many of the recipes I have listed below call for pineapple, pineapple juice, soy sauce, bbq sauce, garlic and other island flavors.

Delicious Hawaiian Recipes

You won't have to plan a vacation to your favorite island to enjoy these 27 Easy Hawaiian Recipes including main dishes, desserts, side dishes, and more!

Hawaiian Side Dishes for Pork Recipes and Resources:

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