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Chicken Life Cycle Coloring and Writing Pages for Home Learning and Fun

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These Chicken Life Cycle Coloring and Writing Pages are such a great educational tool for your child. We might all know what chickens are but do we really know all the little details about them and how they live?

I also take a special interest in chickens since I’m the “mother hen” of the house. Learning the life cycle of a chicken is a great way to understand more about backyard chickens, the process of fertilized eggs, to how they lay eggs, to how they grow from a baby chick into adult chickens.

help your young children learn the life cycle of a chicken while practicing pencil grip handwriting and fine motor

You just might be pulling up a chair and learning right along beside them for these animal facts and printables.

Chicken Life Cycle Coloring and Writing Pages

Even though we might have hundred of acres of farmland surround us on a daily basis, we still love to learn new things about animals as well.

Because what it comes down to is that there is always something new to learn about everything when we open our minds and fill our brains with facts and good information.

Fun fact? There are 25 BILLION chickens in the world. That’s more than the number of humans!

Learning about the life cycle of a chicken is great because it’s a good way to learn about how one of our main food sources grows and cycles through before being consumed.

Chicken Life Cycle Printable Worksheets for preschool and lower elementary

More Life Cycle and Animal Learning Worksheets and Resources for Kids:

There are so many interesting animals facts out there once you open your mind and start to look. This printable gives you some great ones to learn and discuss together as a family.

Sea Turtle Books are so much fun to read together as a family. We just love how books can literally educate and transport you to a whole other world.

Learning Printables and Activities

These are excellent resources for kids! They’ll love being a part of the learning process from start to finish.

Books about Owls are also great learning fun. While these might be geared towards younger readers, everyone in the family will have a blast reading them. We love to sit outside at night and listen to our owls as they’re perched on the trees.

When you’re homeschooling or just adding in extra learning, there are so many great homeschooling freebies that you can easily download and use. Supplemental learning is always a great idea.

preschoolers chicken life cycle coloring and handwriting worksheets

Chicken and Animal Educational Resources and Goodies:



These printable chicken learning resources are “egg-cellent” for supplementing or using as a main homeschooling lesson. And who knows? You just might find out that you’re ready to start raising your very own backyard chickens!

If you already have your own chickens, let me hear from you! What are some of the biggest benefits of raising your own chickens?

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