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Easy Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes

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I like to cook one-pot dishes pretty often. But sometimes I like to serve a full-course meal, with a main dish, a few side dishes, and a dessert. Since I don’t cook like that very often, I usually end up relying on the same few side dishes: rice, potatoes, salad, and pasta.

So when I wanted to spice up my meal plan, I started looking around for easy Hawaiian side dish recipes that would give my dinners a little “kick”. Plus, I just love Hawaiian recipes anyway. 🙂

That’s how I ended up gathering these simple side dishes below. They’re all inspired by the cuisine of Hawaii and the tropics and they’re all easy to make too!

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes

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Why makes Hawaiian dishes so popular?

Hawaiian cuisine has become a favorite among food lovers all over the world for its unique blend of flavors that can excite any palette.

The mixture of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy taste combinations, as well as an abundance of fresh produce, fish, poultry, and fruits, make every dish a delightful experience.

In addition to its tasty fusion of flavors, Hawaiian dishes are also popular due to their health benefits; they are low in fat and high in nutrients.

Additionally, these dishes don’t require several ingredients or elaborate preparations, and so they can be cooked quickly and easily enjoyed by anyone.

For all these reasons, Hawaiian cuisine continues to gain global popularity daily.

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Can I eat a side dish for a main dish?

Absolutely! When it comes to planning a meal, switching things up and making your own unique combinations can be a great way to spice up dinner.

Eating a side dish as the main dish doesn’t have to break any rules since plenty of sides are already well-balanced in nutrition and protein.

Potato dishes like mashed potatoes or scalloped potatoes have carbohydrates and proteins, vegetable sides like steamed broccoli or roasted asparagus have vitamins and minerals as well as proteins, and grains like pilaf or wild rice can offer healthy carbs.

There are tons of options that you can incorporate into your meals so don’t be afraid to experiment!

What are the most popular ingredients used in Hawaiian recipes?

Hawaiian cuisine is known for being a fusion of flavors from around the world blended with local island ingredients.

As such, many Hawaiian recipes feature fresh ingredients, including fish, tropical fruits, and vegetables. However, some of the most popular ingredients found in Hawaiian recipes are lomi salmon, poi (a type of pounded taro root), lau lau (a combination of pork, chicken, or fish wrapped with taro and other green leaves), and poke (raw fish salad).

Fresh coconut is also used extensively in traditional dishes like kalua pig and haupia, a popular coconut-based custard pudding.

These ingredients combine to create flavorful and versatile meals that can be enjoyed year-round!

How many side dish options should I have with each meal?

When deciding on menu options for a meal, it is important to determine how many side dishes you should include.

This ultimately depends on the size of your meal and the types of food you already have in it.

For example, if your main course is something rich and filling like pot roast, you may only need one or two light side dishes to balance out the richness.

However, if you’re serving something like fish that isn’t as flavorful or heavy, having three or four sides with more distinct flavors would be ideal.

Think about what flavor profiles are necessary for each meal and adjust the number of side dishes accordingly.

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes to Make

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes:

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes

Check out these delicious side dish recipes! Perfect to pair with a variety of main entrees.

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes to Try

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes and Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources are great for crafting Hawaiian side dish recipes of your own!

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Tuesday 30th of January 2018

Having grown up in Hawai'i, you've made my hungry heart happy today with these recipes. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party.