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Easy Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes

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I like to cook one-pot dishes pretty often. But sometimes I like to serve a full-course meal, with a main dish, a few side dishes, and a dessert. Since I don’t cook like that very often, I usually end up relying on the same few side dishes: rice, potatoes, salad, and pasta.

So when I wanted to spice up my meal plan, I started looking around for easy Hawaiian side dish recipes that would give my dinners a little “kick”. Plus, I just love Hawaiian food anyway. 🙂

That’s how I ended up gathering these simple side dishes below. They’re all inspired by the cuisine of Hawaii and the tropics and they’re all easy to make too!

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Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes:

1. Cook this simple Healthy Hawaiian Roasted Medley as a side dish for chicken, beef, pork, and more!

2. This Aloha Pineapple and Ham Pasta Salad is so versatile! You can use it with chips, crackers, cut veggies, or even as a side for sandwiches!

3. Serve some of these Hawaiian Tortilla Roll Ups with hot dogs or BBQ pork!

4. This light Pineapple Lime Jasmine Rice would go wonderfully with roasted pork or baked chicken!

5. Or if you want to try a Hawaiian style starch a different way, learn how to make Pineapple Lime Rice in the Instant Pot!

6. Make a batch of this Hawaiian Coleslaw ahead so that the dressing will have time to marinate before you serve it!

7. We tried this Pineapple Casserole and it was so good! Give it a try with your family!

8. I love fried rice, so I can’t wait to make this Hawaiian Fried Rice with beef!

9. This fruity Pineapple Apple Chicken Salad would be wonderful with brunch or even on a sandwich!

10. Technically it’s not a side dish, but you can definitely serve this Hawaiian Island Monkey Bread along with a hearty breakfast spread!

11. This recipe for Pineapple Chow originates in Trinidad, but would be right at home at a backyard luau!

12. Put a spin on basic pasta with this recipe for Hawaiian Macaroni Salad!

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes to Make

13. Add some crushed pineapple and basil to this Simple Carrot Salad for a sweet Hawaiian-inspired side!

14. Make up these classic Hawaiian Haystacks for the kids!

15. This indulgent Hawaiian French Toast would be so delicious with an omelet!

16. Serve this Hawaiian Luau Rice topped with sliced roasted pork!

17. Replace your usual stuffing with this delicious Hawaiian Sweet Bread Stuffing!

18. Bring this Hawaiian Potato Salad to a neighborhood barbecue!

19. And, speaking of barbecue, try some of these Hawaiian Baked Beans on the side when you serve grilled chicken or pork!

20. These Hawaiian Stuffed Sweet Potatoes would be delicious with pork chops or roasted turkey!

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes to Try

Hawaiian Side Dish Recipes and Resources:

These Amazon affiliate resources are great for crafting Hawaiian side dish recipes of your own!

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Tuesday 30th of January 2018

Having grown up in Hawai'i, you've made my hungry heart happy today with these recipes. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party.