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Hawaiian Main Dish Recipes

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I have to admit: Ive never been to Hawaii. (I would love to go, though, so if anyone wants to just invite me - thats cool.)

But Ive eaten Hawaiian food several times in my life and it. is. delicious. Im already a fan of pineapple and many Hawaiian recipes use it, so I will automatically love almost all of the dishes I try.

And that got me looking for some delicious Hawaiian main dish recipes to try with my family! And I found some really great ones that I cant wait to add to our meal plan! Take a look and see if you get some dinner inspiration too!

Be sure to check out some other delicious Hawaiian Side Dishes for Pork that I think youll love as well!

over 20 Hawaiian main dish recipes to try tonight

Need a party drink to go with your perfect Hawaiian cuisine meal? This beautiful Frosty Hawaiian Mocktail is a perfect punch the family will love!

Hawaiian Main Dish Recipes

Youre going to love these Hawaiian entree recipes! Theyre all so flavorful and delicious! If youre looking for Hawaiian food recipes, youre in the right place!

The best part about working your way down this list of yummy recipes is that youre going to have a lot of different flavors.

What are some popular Hawaiian dishes?

There are a lot of dishes that have Hawaiian flavor and taste! Hawaiian BBQ and Hawaiian pizza are two of my favorites!

I also love adding macadamia nuts and pineapple juice to a lot of the recipes, too!

Over 20 Hawaiian Main Dish Recipes

What are good side dishes to pair with Hawaiian main dish recipes?

I think that Hawaiian coleslaw, Hawaiian macaroni salad, or even Hawaiian fruit salad would be delicious! If you can use your slow cooker to make a side dish, you can create some delicious slow cooker Hawaiin sides.

The best part about the flavors of these main dishes is that you can be creative with the side dishes that you cook up!

Hawaiian Main Dish Recipes

The following recipes are all so good! Its going to be super hard to figure out where youre going to start but I recommend working your way down the list!

Hawaiian Main Dish Recipes

You're going to love the flavor of these delicious Hawaiin dishes!

I told you that there were a ton of delicious Hawaiian recipes right here! Start at the top and go down - or tell me which one youre going to start with! I cant wait to hear which one is your favorite!

main dish recipes with the flavor of Hawaii

Hawaiian Main Dish Recipes and Resources:

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bring hawaii home with these main dish recipes

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