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Taco Cupcakes for Cinco de Mayo

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Get ready for Cinco De Mayo with these fun, tasty and cute Taco Cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo! They are colorful, sweet, crunchy and cute but they also taste as good as they look! Don’t miss out on our other cupcake recipes.

how to make these adorable taco cupcakes for your cinco de mayo celebration

If you’re totally into this, but you also need some other Cinco Day Mayo themed food, be sure to check out these 30+ Taco Inspired Meals to get your creative juices flowing!

These fun Taco Cupcakes make the perfect dessert and even if you don’t plan on celebrating Cinco De Mayo, they would also make a fabulous dessert for Taco Tuesday!

Tips for making Taco Cupcakes:

These Taco Cupcakes are so easy to make. I love that you can use your favorite cupcake recipe, boxed cake mix or if you really want to save time, you can also use pre-made cupcakes from your local grocery store or bakery.

  • I suggest separating the red mini M&M’s from the other colors prior to decorating the cupcakes.
  • You can use store-bought frosting or your favorite homemade frosting recipe. I opted to use store-bought.
  • Use full-size Nilla Wafers for the perfect size tacos.

Once you have all your decorating ingredients set up, you are ready to decorate! Generously frost each cupcake one at a time and then give each one two Nilla Wafers, crumbled cupcake that resembles ‘taco meat’ and yellow sprinkles with the mini red M&M’s for tomatoes.

These cupcakes are so easy to assemble and almost too good to eat. Almost. One bite and you’ll be saying ‘Ole!’

these tacos will wow the crowd at your Mexican inspired party

Specialty Ingredients:

The following ingredients are affiliate links on Amazon because they may be a bit hard to find in your normal store.  I wanted you to be able to see exactly which things we are using.

Reminder, not all ingredients in the Taco Cupcakes are linked above, just the ones that may be a bit difficult to find or that you might be unsure of what to look for

Shop My Kitchen:

The following items can be found in my kitchen here at Miller Manor. Simply click the image that interests you – yes, they do contain affiliate links.

Must Have Resources:

When making Taco Cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo at home, you really need to have the following Amazon affiliate tools on hand.



Make it a Meal:

Meal planning can be difficult, especially in today’s busy world. Between work, kids, and extra-curricular activities healthy and filling meals can sometimes take a break. Head over here for meal plan ideas.

These Taco Cupcakes are delicious by themselves but if you’re wanting to make them into a meal I have got your back. I’ve pulled together some delicious meal ideas to save you time!

Main Dish: Easy Tilapia and Mango Fish Tacos Recipe – this recipe includes both veggies and a starch making it a delicious and all-in-one meal.

Refreshing Drink: Virgin Frozen Watermelon Margarita

easy chocolate taco cupcakes for cinco de mayo

Best Cupcake Recipes:

Once you make these Taco Cupcakes Recipe, the kids are going to love it so much that they are going to start asking for even more cupcakes.  Don’t fret! I have picked out the best cupcakes for you to try!

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adorable taco cupcakes look so realistic

More Delicious Cupcake Recipes:

Taco Cupcakes for Cinco de Mayo

Taco Cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo

Yield: 13

Get ready for Cinco De Mayo with these fun, tasty and cute Taco Cupcakes for Cinco De Mayo!


  • 2 to 3 cups vanilla frosting
  • 24 Nilla Wafers (2 for each cupcake)
  • Yellow sprinkles
  • Green frosting
  • Red Mini M&Ms
  • Large open star tip (Wilton 1M Open Star Piping Tip)
  • Piping bag
  • Cupcake liners


    Pipe frosting over each cupcake in a circular direction working from the outer edge of the cupcake towards the center.

    Gently crumble one cupcake into pieces. Set aside.

    Place two Nilla Wafers into the top of each cupcake, pressing down into the cupcake at an angle to resemble a taco shell.

    Inside the Nilla Wafer, add about 1 teaspoon crumbled cupcake.

    Over the crumbled cupcake (taco meat), decorate with green icing to create the look of lettuce.

    Top the “lettuce” with yellow jimmies (cheese) and red Mini M&Ms (tomato)


For these cupcakes, I used Wilton frosting with the leaf tip, similar to Wilton Tip 67

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