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Does Amazon Have a Baby Registry?

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Yes! Can you believe it? We even voted it one of the best online baby registries on our blog. Lots of moms and dads to be use Amazon in order to get everything they need for the baby. If you don’t have a baby yet, just know that there are LOTS of things needed. An Amazon Baby Registry is the way to go!

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon's Online Baby Registry

A baby registry from Amazon can help you in a lot of ways. You can post everything you need for the baby. Your tribe can buy you gifts and have them sent right to your home. If the people buying you a gift have Amazon Prime, they can even get free shipping.

Amazon Baby Registry Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you looking for baby items? If your due date is rapidly approaching, you may be looking into items like car seats, strollers, and cribs. Friends and family are anxious to buy you items, which is why knowing as much as possible about Amazon and their registry options is important.

What is an Amazon Baby Registry?

Back in the day, people used to buy their baby products from Walmart and Target. Now Amazon is the place to buy baby products. An Amazon Baby Registry is a list of items that a mom or dad to be wants for their baby. They can put ANYTHING they may need for their baby on there.

How do I complete my Amazon Baby Registry Checklist?

Want to finish your Amazon Baby Registry Checklist? Amazon will have a list of items that you need to complete. As you do this, check mark each item on the list. Do this until all the items on the checklist are done!

How do I get a welcome box from Amazon Baby Registry?

According to Amazon:

“Welcome Box is available to select customers with active Prime accounts who create and complete a Baby Registry using Checklist and have over $10 of purchases from their registry (from themselves or gifters). The $10 threshold does not include tax or shipping costs. It also does not include purchases of Prime or Gift Cards.”

While that is a mouthful of information, you have to complete ALL steps in order to get your Welcome Box.

How do I redeem my Amazon Baby Registry discount?

When you sign up for an Amazon Baby Registry, you’re eligible for a discount. This is a completion type discount, so you have to so some things to be eligible. You can get a 10 or 15 percent discount (15% is for Prime members).

Amazon has a nice section on all the details of redeeming a registry discount. You will want to make sure you read through everything very thoroughly.

Can I return items from the Amazon Baby Registry?

If you’d like to return items from the Amazon Baby Registry, there are some things that you should do.

According to Amazon: this is the way you would return items.

  1. Go to your Baby Registry.
  2. Click on Thank You List & Returns.
  3. Find the item you wish to return.
  4. Click Return Item.
  5. Follow the prompts to submit a return for your gift.

How do I find out who bought something from my Amazon online baby registry?

If you’d like to know if someone bought something from your registry, you can look right on the registry itself. It will tell you if something was purchased. This is the good thing about doing this online through Amazon.

Amazon online baby registry tips and faqs

Is Amazon a good place for a baby registry?

Yes, Amazon is a good place for a baby registry. It’s easy to do it from the comfort of your own home. Plus, people can buy right online and have it sent to your house or theirs.

When should we do a baby registry?

Most people start a baby registry as soon as they are finding out if they are having a boy or a girl. Truthfully, you can put together the baby registry at any point in your pregnancy.

What should I put on my Amazon Baby Registry?

The sky is the limit when it comes to putting together an Amazon Baby Registry! You can put diapers, wipes, baby clothes, baby accessories, feeding supplies, breastfeeding accessories, and much more.

How and Why to Use the Amazon baby Registry

More Baby Registry Tips:

Have fun with your baby registry! Sit down with your favorite person and get to work with it, but have fun along the way.

Choose a color or colors for the nursery. If you’re not going for a specific theme, then it makes sense to do this! You don’t want to have a bunch if items that don’t make sense color wise.

Plan a place to store diapers. If you add diapers on your registry, you will be so glad, trust me you will need them. Now is a good time to determine where you will keep all the extras until you need them.

I hope this helped you learn more about Amazon Prime and the registry options.

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