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Easter Egg Filler Ideas (and Egg Hunt Activities)

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Easter is quickly approaching and parents are busy prepping, it’s time to come up with some Easter egg filler ideas! When it comes to filling Easter eggs or doing Egg hunt activities, it’s fun to switch things up a bit. This year, think outside of the box when it’s time to fill up those eggs and come up with fun activities for the kids to do. Family fun just got a whole lot more fun this Easter.

Kids are flexible and just want to have fun! Running around and finding Easter eggs is a tradition most families have each year. Keep reading to find discover some of my favorite egg filled ideas and Egg hunt activities. 

fun filler ideas for plastic eggs that are not just candy

Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Fill the eggs with erasers! Is there anything more fun when you’re a kid, then erasers? If you need non-candy ideas, then this is a great Easter egg filler idea.

Make a Puzzle!  Put a piece or two in every egg and have the kids put a puzzle together while hunting!

Band-Aids! Toddlers and little kids alike love band-aids. It seems as though kids can’t get enough owies in their lifetime, help them stock up on band-aids in the mean time. 

Lego Figurines! Do you have Lego lovers at your Easter egg hunt? Fill those Easter eggs with figurines! At the end, you can have a building party. 

Stick-On Tattoos! Any kid loves stick-on tattoos. Even adults can admit that kiddy tattoos are fun, plus you know how easily these fit into Easter Eggs! 

Put Money in the Eggs! Put change in each egg. At the end, have everyone add up their change. Whoever gets the amount of change right, gets an extra prize. 

Hair Bows! For the girls in your life, they love opening eggs to find cute girlie bows. If you’re looking for egg filler ideas, these will easily fit. 

Balloons! While most people love putting candy in Easter eggs, this isn’t always possible for kids who have allergies. Try to put a couple balloons in age appropriate Easter eggs. The kids will go crazy! 

Easter Egg Hunt Activities 

Are you looking for fun Easter egg hunt activities to do with the people you love? There are so many fun activities you can do with Easter eggs hunts. Here are some ideas to get you started. The Easter bunny LOVES Easter egg hunt activities too!

Dress up as your favorite princess or super hero! Did you know that an Easter egg hunt is more fun when you’re dressed up? If you’re looking for a fun activity for the kids to do, during the hunt, this is a great activity! 

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt! Who’s going to find the ultimate treasure? Make a treasure map and let the kids go at it, finding the ultimate Easter egg hunt treasure. You better make the treasure good! 

Find the Golden Ticket! Easter egg hunts are fun, but what’s even more fun? When you find the golden ticket! Put golden tickets in the eggs and then give out special prizes for those who find the special ticket. 

Obstacle Course Easter Egg Hunt! Put the eggs along the obstacle course and as the kids go along the course, they can collect the eggs. I love doing this with plastic eggs that aren’t candy.

Easter Egg Fun Filler Ideas

Let the Kids Hide the Eggs! You know what’s a lot of fun? When you let the kids hide the eggs for the adults! Of course, you’ll want to do this AFTER the kids have found their eggs. You can also let the kids fill the eggs for the adults. 

Scavenger Hunt!  Place clues in each plastic Easter egg to lead them to the next one. Kids love scavenger hunts. 

Art-Tastic!  Put bits of up-cycled or recycled pieces into each egg.  As the child finds it, they come to the table and glue it somewhere – fun modern art!

Fill a Jar!  Put small beads or colored sand into each egg.  The kids fill their jar each time they find an egg to create a pretty art item that they can keep forever.

Spell It!  Put different letter tiles, printed letters, cut out letters, or candy letters into each egg.  Whomever spells Happy Easter wins!  Make sure that you only put ONE “Y” total, though. Unless you want more than one winner. 🙂

Plastic Easter Eggs Filler Ideas

What’s your favorite activity on this list? What’s your favorite item to fill eggs with? Let us know in the comments! What do you enjoy using for candy Easter egg fillers?

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