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Over 20 Apple Pie Recipes

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You don’t have to make “just an apple pie” these days!  There are so many ways to mix things up from learning fractions to smoothies!  The following 20+ apple pie recipes are sure to hit your taste buds in the right place!

Over 20 Unexpected Apple Pie Recipes

This Fall, make some delicious desserts for you and your family! These amazing recipes go great topped with ice cream, or drinking a cup of coffee, while sitting by a fire.

Apple Pie Recipes:

A super easy pie to make is Crumb Topped Apple Pie. It can be made to eat, or you can actually freeze it for over three months, then take it out and it will still be amazing.

Anything with a caramel topping is usually amazing. That is why Caramel Apple Pie is a must. You can make your own caramel topping as well.

These Fried Apple Pies, also called hand pies or pocket pies, are absolutely amazing. They may not be the healthiest of pies, but come close to being the best.

Pie in a Jar, sounds strange, but is quite neat. They make great desserts for road trips, or even to bring for someone who lives a distance from your house!

Of course we all love french toast, and apples, so what about Apple Pie French Toast. It just sounds mouth watering if you ask me.

Something new to try is Apple Pie with Cinnamon Pecan Streusel. If you enjoy a crumbly, cinnamon-spiced, sweet, layered, streusel-sprinkled piece of heave, you will want a piece of this apple pie.

If you don’t care for spending hours in the kitchen making one pie, here is your easy way out. Make an Easy Skillet Apple Pie that only takes 30 minutes in the kitchen, and still has all of the flavors you adore in a pie.

Apple Pie Bars do not actually require fresh apples, you can use canned apples. They only need a couple of ingredients and they are a great dessert.

If you enjoy a slight crunchy texture, you will enjoy Dutch Apple Pie. Of course we can’t make it exactly how the Dutch do, but it comes close.

apple pie recipes

So maybe you’re having a small party of some sort at your house, or even attending a party where you have to supply a dessert. A great idea is to make Apple Pie Cookies. Not only do they taste amazing, but they are absolutely adorable. They may take a little longer to make, but are worth it.

An Apple Crisp Pie has so much flavor and of course, is crispy. No need for crust on this dessert, and the combination of oats, brown sugar, and butter is mouth watering.

Maybe it is someones birthday and your in charge of making the cake. Why not try an Apple Pie Cake! Of course we all love apple pies, but can you imagine how awesome an apple pie cake would be.

A quick and easy dessert is Farmers Market Deconstructed Apple Pie. There is no crust on this dessert, so it makes for a great after school treat.

This Slovenian Apple Pie has a great filling, so the pie won’t fall apart. The name of the pie comes from Styria, a region in Slovenia.

Let everyone have their own dessert by making Miniature Apple Pies. They are cute, and of course delicious.

McDonald’s Apple Pie is very simple to make. It may not get your attention at first, but it is very tasty!

Here is something new to try. Apple Pie Snickerdoodle Cookie Bars. The kid’s will love these and can actually help make some.

apple pie

Instead of just regular chocolate or vanilla ice cream, try Apple Pie Ice Cream. It gives it a little more flavor, and is absolutely satisfying to the taste buds.

Apple Pie Tacos are a great idea. Everyone loves tacos, except now it is for dessert.

Your kid’s will this Apple Pie Pizza recipe. Of course they love pizza, so why not have a dessert shaped like pizza for them! They will have more than one slice, believe me.

This warm Apple Pie Dip recipe is a great comfort food. It is made with cream cheese and apple pie filling. You can use pretzels or crackers of any type to taste this delicious apple pie dip.

Another great pie to create is Blueberry Apple Pie in a Jar. The Blueberry and Apple together tastes absolutely amazing, and yet another to top with ice cream.

When you think egg rolls, you think Chinese food right? Try again! These Apple Pie Egg Rolls have so much flavor and are very neat to make! Who ever you serve these yummy desserts to, will come back asking for more.

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