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Delicious Apple Pie Recipes

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Mommas, we all know that apple pie is a classic Thanksgiving dessert and it’s the perfect way to celebrate. But with so many different apple pie recipes out there, how do you decide which one to make? I have a ton of Easy Apple recipes that you’d love, too!

We’ve got you covered! In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of my all-time favorite apple pies and quite a few different takes on the traditional pie!

Think outside the box and get inspired by these faux apple pies!

This Fall, make some delicious apple-pie-inspired desserts for you and your family!

These amazing recipes go great topped with ice cream or drinking a cup of coffee while sitting by a fire.

The following 20+ apple pie recipes are sure to hit your taste buds in the right place!

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What apples are the best for apple pie?

I am a Granny Smith Apple fan myself, but many people swear by Honey Crisp or Golden Delicious apples.

Honestly, the best ones will be your favorite apples!

There’s no real trick to using certain apples for better pies – let your own tastebuds and preferences lead you.

Here’s a tip, though: for an even more flavorful pie, use a few different varieties of apples!

How many pounds of apples do I need for a pie?

A regular 9-inch, deep dish, apple pie takes approximately 4 pounds of apples. That is equal to about 11 cups of sliced apples.

But, I highly recommend that you err on the side of caution and get an extra pound (or two) of fresh apples just to be safe! You can always make more yummy apple recipes like the ones below!

If you’re looking for sweet desserts that taste like apple pie to serve at your next dinner party or holiday celebration… try out one of these delicious and easy apple-flavored recipes!



Apple Pie Inspired Recipes

Make your own apple pie this Thanksgiving; it is easier than you think.

You can use any of these delicious apple-pie-inspired recipes to make a super flavorful dessert for your family this Autumn!

Which apple pie recipe are you looking forward to trying?

More Apple Recipes:

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