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Civil Rights Movies for Kids

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These Civil Rights Movies for Kids are a great way to teach them about the civil rights movement and Black history month. These are good for history lessons or an inspiring story for kids and high school students. They’ll feature key people in history like Martin Luther King, Jr. and other black women and black men who helped to change the course of history. Use these movies as a way to introduce a true story or two to the lives of your children.

You’ll find a movie directed by Ava Duvernay and other great choices below. If you’re worried about the ratings, make sure to check out Common Sense Media to read more about what they entail. Make sure to check out the rest of my movies for kids for even more films that are educational.

Teaching our children the history of racial tensions and racial segregation is a real-life topic that parents are having currently with their own kids. These black history movies for kids can be a way to educate about the past while helping to better prepare them for peace and love now and in the future.

You can find some documentaries online at Amazon Prime as well if you’re looking for even more great resources.

Who are some of the famous African American women who helped lead the way for the Civil Rights movement?

Ida B. Wells was one woman who spoke out and helped pave the way. Mary Church Terrell is another who was also important during this time.

Let’s not forget Rosa Parks as well for her bravery during this time to stand up for her beliefs and what was right. These women helped all black people fight for equal rights.

Their bravery helped there be the first African American ballerina, have all races and colors be able to join the swim team at school, and showed the love and the want for equality can truly start a movement.

How can learning about history be helpful in the world today?

When it comes to children learning about history, it’s important so that history isn’t repeated. They can use this information to educate others or even put their skills to use in joining the debate team at school.

Taking the time to teach them the importance of history is an excellent way to help them gain interest to learn about how to be better and spread kindness as well.

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How can kids change the world?

Kids have a unique perspective on the world. They are curious, creative, and unafraid to speak their minds. This makes them the perfect agents of change. There are many ways that children can make a difference in their communities and beyond.

One way is through volunteering. Kids can volunteer at local organizations or participate in community service projects.

They can also use their voices to raise awareness about important issues, such as environmental protection, social justice, and inequality.

Kids can start small by making changes in their own lives, like conserving energy or reducing waste. They can also use technology to promote change, such as creating social media campaigns or making videos that highlight important causes.

With their boundless energy and enthusiasm, kids have the power to change the world for the better.

How do you inspire kids?

Encouraging creativity, curiosity, and independence are just a few ways to inspire children. One effective technique is to lead by example.

Children are constantly observing their surroundings and modeling behaviors. By showing them your own passion and dedication towards a particular project or hobby, you can provide a positive role model for them to emulate.

Additionally, providing opportunities for children to explore and learn about various topics in a fun and engaging way can help to spark their interest and motivation to learn.

Another important aspect of inspiring kids involves recognizing their unique strengths and building on them, rather than focusing solely on weaknesses.

By fostering a growth mindset and consistently encouraging effort, children can develop a sense of confidence and resilience that will inspire them to pursue their goals with enthusiasm and determination.

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How can we make the world better?

In order to make the world a better place, individuals must first acknowledge that every action they take has an impact. Small changes in behavior can lead to larger ones and can inspire others to do the same.

Some practical ways to improve the world include recycling, conserving energy, reducing waste or simply being kind to one another. Beyond individual efforts, joining forces with organizations who share similar values can also have a significant impact.

By prioritizing sustainability, social justice and equality, we can create a community that is committed to making a positive change.

Ultimately, the key to making the world better lies in taking responsibility for our own actions and inspiring those around us to do the same.

How can we make impact on the world?

Creating awareness and educating others on important issues can also lead to impactful change. It’s essential to recognize that everyone has the power to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

Remember, the smallest actions can lead to the biggest impact.

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Civil Rights Movies for Kids

These Civil Rights Movies for Kids are a great resource to watch with the kids.

Which about these civil rights movies are you going to watch first with the kids?

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