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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Movies for Kids

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How do you celebrate the life of MLK?  How do you teach your children about Martin Luther King?  These Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Movies will help you and your child to get to know the man behind the Civil Rights Movement just a bit better.

Use these MLK movies for kids as a way to learn about the life of this man. Once they’ve sat down and watched these movies about Martin Luther King for kids, see if there are some other great movies for kids for them to watch as well.

These movies about MLK for kids are great to watch to learn history and also to help children understand racial tension and how hard he tried to overcome and show the world that love and peace really do matter.

These movies are great for kids, African American women and men, and everyone who wants to learn more about the man that is our friend, Martin Luther King, Jr.

​Not only can you watch these films anytime of year, but they’re a great way to learn and reflect on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is such a huge part of the historical events in American history and now is the perfect time to remember him and his powerful speeches. 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Movies for Kids

The following movies include a range of movies from his life to his passing and everything that happens in between. His famous speeches, how he hopes to overcome negativity and racial slurs, and how he wants our world to be equal and full of love.

What is Martin Luther King known most for fighting for?

His real hope was to end racial segregation. He fight peacefully by speaking and talking about coming together and was one of the biggest leaders of the civil war movement at the time. People would stop and listen to him and expect to hear words of peace coming from his mouth.

Why is Martin Luther King Jr a hero?

His life was dedicated to working hard to help everyone, man and women, have equal rights. No matter if you were a farmer or an African American ballerina (research Janet Collins and her performance at the Metropolitan Opera House if you have time after this), he believed that everyone deserved to be treated the same.

For this, and for these wise words, he is a hero.

How can movies be educational for children?

Movies can be a powerful tool to help educate children on numerous topics. This can range from teaching a moral lesson, increasing knowledge in particular subjects such as history or science, developing an understanding of various cultures, and developing critical thinking skills such as making observations and connecting ideas.

Through movies, teachers have the opportunity to introduce to their students engaging visual content that will help them analyze, reflect upon and discuss ideas that may otherwise be harder to cover using traditional teaching methods.

Additionally, movies open up an avenue for dialogue between parents and educators about essential values and attitudes for children’s character development.

Consequently, watching suitable films with educational value can provide an interactive experience in learning for young audiences, which is both enjoyable and meaningful.

What are good questions to ask children about Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Inquiry can be an effective tool for helping children learn about the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Questions that invite children to think critically about the civil rights leader’s actions and philosophy can help them appreciate his accomplishments.

Possible questions for young children include, “What did Martin Luther King teach us about speaking up for our beliefs?” or “Why do you think Martin Luther King marched with so many people?”

For older students, more targeted questions, such as, “How did Martin Luther King use moral arguments to persuade people to support his goals?” “What role did nonviolent protests play in the civil rights movement?” or “How does Martin Luther King’s message of equality still resonate today?” can help investigate primary source texts and foster a deeper understanding of the civil rights icon.



What is essential for children to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. is essential for children to understand the civil rights movement of the 1960s and its legacy today.

They need to gain an appreciation of his life, works, and impact on history and society. Moreover, they must be taught how he used nonviolent tactics such as protest marches, sit-ins, and demonstrations to lead a successful fight against racial discrimination, segregation, and injustice.

Furthermore, children must understand that Dr. King’s mission was nonviolent but powerful, proving that peaceful actions can have tremendous transformative effects.

Understanding Dr. King’s ideals help foster values such as solidarity and equal rights amongst future generations so that we may continue King’s dream for justice and peace for all people in this country and beyond.

When would be a good time to watch these movies about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life? 

These would be perfect to watch during Black History Month or anytime that you want to learn more about the life of Dr. King. These are exceptional movies that teach a lot about the late civil rights leader and are great if anyone needs a little inspiration. 

If you’re worried about whether or not these are good for little kids, check with common sense media and read the reviews. While the personal message is important and is a great learning experience, it’s also important to make sure that the movies are appropriate for all ages to watch. 

What will kids learn from these movies? 

The movies will touch on so many topics. From equal voting rights to racial tensions, these movies will show all the different aspects of Dr. King. Watch these during a specific time period and take a deeper dive into the civil rights activists and how they changed the world. These shows will discuss other influential figures during the story of King as well, so there is so much to learn. 

This will open discussions about Rosa Parks, the Alabama bus boycott, and more. It’s always a good idea to have short movie talks after watching these films as well. If you have elementary school kids watching these movies, take the time to talk to them about non-violent protest and what a civil rights activist does. 

More Martin Luther King, Jr Resources

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Movies

These true story movies will help you understand how far this great nation has come and how far we still have to go. All of these movies about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Movies for Kids

You're going to enjoy reading these Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Movies for Kids right along with them.

I hope you and your kids have fun learning about Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior!!

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