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Tractor Movies for Kids

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Since I now live in the country with 350 acres of farm land across the little dirt road from me, I get to watch the farmers do their work.

Thomas and I talk about all the things necessary to keep a farm running… that has made me start working on some Farm Unit Study fun.

This list of Tractor Movies for Kids is a fun way to teach about farm equipment while keeping the kids interested!

Tractor Movies for Kids part of the Farm Animals Unit Study

Tractor Movies for Kids:

1.  From giant tractors to colossal combines, see all the mighty machines used to make our food. Kids will be thrilled as our friendly host, Rusty, takes them along for a close up look at all the machines used to grow and harvest some of kids favorite foods; milk, peanut butter, jelly, bread and potato chips!

2. A handsome 4-DVD collection which includes all four All About John Deere DVDs. Three hours of exciting John Deere action featuring Johnny Poppers, John Deere’s newest and biggest tractors, excavators, planters, dozers, hay balers, front-end loaders, and much more. We trace the growing season — from planting the seeds to harvest. Show how corn, soybeans, pumpkins, and grapes are harvested. We visit the Two-Cylinder Expo and the Thresherman Show in Northwest Iowa with over 300 vintage John Deeres on display.  You can fill your library with tractor movies for kids without including John Deere tractors!
See Feller Bunchers, Knuckleboom Loaders, and Log Harvesters in action. Laugh with jam-prone Otto and tap your feet to the original award-winning music of James Coffey. Kids will learn, laugh, and want more. Grown ups, too.

3. Meet Buzz, Stretch, and Ranger! These Tremendous Tools have one thing in common – they know how to work hard and get the job done!
There’s so much work to be done on the farm – you need a barnyard brigade! Allis Tractor, Polly the Plow and Haybine team up to make hay, while Stretch works his magic to make the hay dry.
Meanwhile, Mighty Machines are buzzing around the sawmill where Jaws the front-end loader shows trees turned into lumber. Jaws may do the heavy lifting, but he gets by with a little help from his friends, Buzz, Scoop, and Big Red.
Mighty Machines are also needed deep underground, where they tunnel into a salt mine! Ranger, Driller and Crusher not only find the salt, they scoop it up and carry it back to the surface. Dig it!

4. “The Tractor Dev Show.” Is an educational program, using HD video and smooth animated characters. The show is based on the concept of healthy eating and is aimed at teaching children about farm life. It gives children a chance to see the world and learn about where their food comes from. They can enjoy learning about different types of machinery and animals in a creative way.

5. Based on the true story that captured the hearts of America, THE STRAIGHT STORY is one of those rare films offering powerful, uplifting entertainment for audiences of all ages. Directed by acclaimed director David Lynch (WILD AT HEART, MULHOLLAND DRIVE), this gentle, inspiring film celebrates the human spirit. Richard Farnsworth (MISERY, THE NATURAL) stars as Alvin Straight — a no-nonsense man who has never been one to lean on others. Now at an age when his eyesight denies him the ability to drive and walking is accomplished only with the help of two canes, Alvin lives a quiet life with his daughter Rose (Sissy Spacek). But when the call comes that Alvin’s estranged brother Lyle (Harry Dean Stanton, THE GREEN MILE) has suffered a debilitating stroke, Alvin embarks on a dangerous and emotional journey to make amends. With little money, but plenty of patience and tenacity, he climbs aboard his 1966 John Deere lawnmower and plots the 260-mile course from his small Iowa town to Lyle’s home in Wisconsin. Filmed along the actual route that the real Alvin Straight traveled in 1994, THE STRAIGHT STORY is a heartwarming and poignant drama chronicling Alvin’s six-week odyssey and the many lives he touches along the way.  Not one of your typical tractor movies for kids, but still a must see for your farm loving kiddos.

6. You will find everything on four wheels the doesn’t moo on the farm in this tape. If it’s big, heavy, and rumbles like an earthquake, it’s in here. Everything from standard work-a-day tractors to old giants, to modern techno-monster machines. You’ll learn how to operate and drive two different kinds of tractors, and what happens when the sun goes down and the big machines come out to play at the tractor pull. They may be big and heavy, but nobody said they have to be slow.

7. Your child will see what it’s like to rumble across fields, bopping to the Mighty Farm Machines music. Friendly Little Red Mac tractor leads kids on an entertaining, educational tour of real-life farm machines in action. Among the machines given up-close inspection are a cotton picker, a planter, a swather, and the fascinating grain combine! Winner of a Parents’ Choice Honors award, this video will not only teach your child about various farm machines and their uses, but also about the importance of safety and self-esteem. The Mighty Machines tractor movies for kids series is an excellent way for children ages 3-8 to feed their curious minds and have fun learning about some of their favorite machines.

8. Meet Tec, the friendliest tractor around. Tec loves helping out on the family farm with his friends, Tommy the Trailer, Carolyn the Cow and all the other farm machines and animals that live with them. You and your children will love sharing the adventures of Tec and his pals, as they experience all kinds of adventures on the farm. TEC THE TRACTOR is one unforgettable DVD!

9. Silly fun while learning about these jobs & vehicles – exactly what they are supposed to be. This is one of the best real tractor movies for kids out there.

10. Get set to roll up your sleeves, ride the Clickety-Clack Tractor and lend a helping hand in this farm-tastic barnyard adventure! With an oink-oink here and a moo-moo there, it’s time to sing along, plant the crops and feed the animals on the new Clubhouse Farm. But when Farmer Pete’s giant windmill blows all the cows, chickens, and piggies out of their pens, it’s up to YOU — with the right Mouseketools — to help Mickey and Donald find all the animals and bring them home. Then, harvest extra adventure in four more exciting episodes. Packed with acres of laughter, music and surprises, MICKEY & DONALD HAVE A FARM delivers a bumper crop of fun for everyone.

11. A wacky bulldozer salesman nearly destroys a town as part of his sales pitch.

12. Share the delight and excitement of your baby’s first field trip to a farm! BABY MACDONALD™ introduces little ones to the sights and sounds of a real working farm. Get ready to meet the animals, plant the crops, ride on a tractor, celebrate the harvest and much more! In addition to beautiful classical music, traditional favorites such as The Farmer In The Dell and Old MacDonald Had A Farm just might inspire you and your child to tap your toes, clap your hands and sing along at home as you discover the wonders of the farm together!
Bonus Features Include: 2 Ways To Watch! Grow With Me and Select-A-Segment, Old MacDonald Sing-Along, Story Time With BABY MACDONALD ON THE FARM

Educational Toys Expand on Tractor Movies for Kids:

Thomas learns (and pays attention) best when his hands are busy, so I have also purchased a few educational tractor toys to keep those hands busy while they watch hours of tractor movies for kids.  These are the items we have on the way to supplement his Farm Animals Unit Study education:

LEGO City Set #7684 Pig Farm & Tractor

Ertl John Deere Monster Treads Lights and Sounds, Tractor

K’Nex Tractors and Trucks 10 Model Building Set

Melissa & Doug Busy Barn Shaped Floor Puzzle (32-Piece)

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