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Teen Beach 2 Snacks and Crafts for Movie Night!

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Teen Beach 2 is now available on DVD!  We have a house full of boys, but they all have already watched it a couple times. 🙂  My 8 year old has been a Teen Beach fan since the very first one came out and my middle one is a dancer, so you know he likes it.  My oldest just seems to get sucked into things.  Anyway, enough about me and mine.  🙂  These Teen Beach 2 Snacks and Crafts are a perfect way to celebrate your next Movie night!  You could even have a Teen Beach marathon!

Snacks, Crafts, and Party ideas for your Teen Beach 2 movie night!

Teen Beach 2 Snacks and Crafts for Movie Night!

Inspired by the film, check out these Summer Beach Party Ideas including flip-flop sandwiches, fruit trees, origami necklace craft, paper lanterns, and more! Click the picture below to download these fun party ideas, then scroll for even more!

Make a cute Teen Beach 2 inspired Door Hanger!

You could just fill some buckets and sand castle forms with your snacks – that brings the beach in without a bunch of effort 🙂

I love these Sand Cast foot & handprints!  You make them and keep them forever.  What an awesome craft and memorabilia for your next beach party and/or trip.

Blow up some beach balls and decorate your Movie Night space with them.  You could even choose a word and play ball everytime someone in the movie says that word – hang ten, awesome, “like”, etc.

Create a Paper Umbrella Wreath for some crafty fun with the kids and cute front door decor through Summer.

Check out this complete Teen Beach 2 Party kit from Disney!

I must say, The Teen Beach Movie had a much more exciting ending to me because I could feel a new one coming.  This one felt like an actual ending with no real room for a 2nd AND Teen Beach 2 didn’t actually take off where the first one ended. 🙂  But, the dances and songs are too cute and Tank has already memorized the song and Zack has already tried a few dance moves.  So, worth a watch (or nine million) for me!

Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2 Products

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Teen Beach 2 Karaoke Series

Singing McKenzie Fashion Doll

12 Teen Beach Movie Summer Fun Plastic Cupcake Rings Party Favors Cake Toppers

Which do you want to try for your next Movie Night?

This is a sponsored post – we received a gift in return for posting. All opinions are mine alone. Teen Beach 2 released on DVD June 26th!

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