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The Health Benefits of Clary Sage

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The use of essential oils can be beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. And the health benefits of Clary sage are important as well! 

Clary sage oil, like many natural remedies, has been used for centuries. It has been valued for it’s antidepressant, aphrodisiac and sedative properties, among others, while it contains active components that can help regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve PMS. Though there are some minor risks associated with using the oil during pregnancy, clary sage essential oil has natural medicinal properties that can help with many ailments.

the health benefits of clary sage essential oil

How to Use Clary Sage Oil

There are a number of ways to use the oil. Once recommended, use it to add a few drops of clary sage oil to a hot bath before soaking in the water; this can be particularly effective for relaxation and smoothing labor.

Alternatively, the oil can be used as part of a massage oil, relieving aches and pains in the muscles. Slow-burning, the oil can be a great form of aromatherapy, or simply adding a few drops to a cotton bud and inhaling can be a quick and efficient sedative before bedtime. Adding to a carrier oil is important and easy as well. 

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Healing Properties of Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil is often recommended for women with menstrual problems and is thought to be particularly effective at relieving PMS. A clary sage oil bath can also be used to help smooth and speed up labor. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can protect against a variety of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and dysentery as well as healing bacterial infections.

Other benefits of the essential oil include:

* use as an antidepressant
* help for relieving nervous tension or to aid in helping to relieve anxiety
* a sleeping aid or cure for insomnia
* an aphrodisiac, aid for sexual dysfunction or loss of libido
* a boost to the immune system
* cure for headaches and muscle cramps

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Risks of Clary Sage Oil

As well as the health benefits, there are some potential risks. Drinking alcohol after exposure to clary sage is not recommended as it can make alcohol more potent. Though the oil can help to smooth labor, it should not be taken earlier in pregnancy as it can cause contractions. Similarly, it is not recommended to use clary sage oil when breastfeeding as it is possible to pass harmful elements to a child.

Where can you find the clary sage plant?

It’s grown mainly in North Africa and Central Asia and has been used throughout the years for aiding in health issues. It’s quite beautiful to look at but its main function is to be used as an essential oil.

How do essential oils work?

It’s important to understand that all oils vary. Some need a carrier oil, while others don’t. Some can be ingested while others can’t. And some aren’t safe for children and pets. The bottom line? Using essential oils can be amazing and great, but always do your research on the specific oil before making any plans and before using them.

ultimate guide to clary sage essential oil

The Science of Clary Sage

Not all of the health benefits of clary sage have been supported by scientific research. However, scientists in Japan demonstrated the positive effects of the linalool – one of the main constituents of many essential oils, including clary sage – in reducing stress. Equally, the chemical sclareol, which has a chemical composition similar to many of the human body’s hormones, is thought to be a hormone stimulant – though this has not yet been demonstrated conclusively.

Sclareol has however been demonstrated to kill cancerous cells, while camphor and camphene, also constituents of clary sage, have known antibacterial and analgesic properties and are used in cough medicines such as Vicks.

So while there exists little scientific literature researching the exact medicinal benefits of clary sage essential oil, many of its chemical constituents are known to be beneficial to human health. That is has been used for centuries by many different cultures as a medicinal herb also stands as a testament to its healing properties.

Clary sage oil is an essential oil with a variety of medicinal properties, used to lift depression, ease menstruation and help with muscular aches and pains among many other things. It can be used as part of a therapeutic massage, a hot bath or a course of aromatherapy. Care should be taken during pregnancy as there can be adverse effects; however, clary sage presents otherwise relatively few risks and is an effective and natural alternative remedy.

clary sage tips tricks uses and health benefits

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