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Kid Friendly Travel Resources

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In addition to the normal traveling most people do, we take a 10+ hour road trip every Summer with out children. We have done it since I was pregnant with child #3. Honestly, it is typically much easier than I expect it to be.

Our Kid Friendly Travel Resources will help you to have an enjoyable travel experience with your children, too!

Traveling with our children seems beyond stressful, I get it. I have three boys and a million dogs… honestly, I now have 5 boys and 5 dogs. Just the thought of all of us packed together in one vehicle for an untold number of hours exhausts me.

But, it doesn’t have to be stressful nor exhausting! If you stop often, bring snacks, have bags (or boxes) of different things for everyone to do, it will actually be pretty enjoyable! Learning how to plan a road trip is key!

Make certain to check out these Super Simple Road Trip Packing Tips as well!

Traveling with Kids Resources:

Best Road Trip Songs for family travel

Car Seat Toys for Toddlers

Mad Libs for Travel

Must Have Travel Games

Snack Ideas for Road Trips with Kids

Sticker Activity Books for Travel

Top 10 Kid Gadgets for Road Trips

Top Ten Books for Teenagers

Tips for Traveling with Children:

Field Trip Ideas for Homeschooling Parents

Kid Friendly Things to Do in the USA – sorted by state and then further by city. This is an on-going series that we are growing as quickly as possible!

Movies for Kids – make sure to bring along a DVD player or renew your Amazon Prime and/or Netflix subscriptions so there are plenty of movies for the kids.

Over 20 Road Trip Ideas for Kids

Don’t miss these Fun Road Trip Games to Play with Teens!

Road Trip Printables:

As a homeschooling site, we have loads and loads of printables for kids. However, I pulled together our travel-friendly ones to make the search just a bit easier for you.

Tips for Traveling Safely

Before heading off on any trip, make sure your essential oils travel case is stocked with what you may need.

Best Essential Oils for the Beach

Oils for Soothing Sunburn

Oils to Soothe Bug Bites

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