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8 Fun Toddler Car Seat Toys

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With Winter Break almost here for so many families and Christmas Holiday Vacations just right around the corner – you might be starting to think about things that will occupy your family during road trips. If you have a toddler in the mix, this list of toddler toys is going to save you some time that you can spend on other parts of planning your vacation.

These 8 Fun Toddler Car Seat Toys will help your little one have fun during the road trip! That means that they will stay occupied more, and hopefully less fussy!

Another great thing is that after the vacation is over, you can still use these in the car for your toddler. That seems like a win-win to me!

8 Fun Toddler Car Seat Toys

Toddler Car Seat Toys

If you have a toddler that is not very fond of being in the car for short trips, much less a long road trips – having some toddler car seat toys can make things more enjoyable for them. This list provides you with some great options for toddlers that will fit into any budget! Once you know how to find safe toddler toys, you can find the perfect toy for your toddler out of one of the options on this list!

VTech Baby Cuddle and Sing

VTech Baby Cuddle and Sing (Cody or Cora) – $18.40

Cuddle & Sing Cody or Cora by VTech is a cute plush toy that encourages learning in so many ways. Press the pocket-shaped buttons and watch them flash while introducing numbers, colors and objects to promote language development. Your little one can also learn new words and songs as Cody or Cora sings. Pull on his zipper to develop fine motor skills. Feel his soft fur and interesting textures for tactile stimulation. This cute plush bear can go wherever your child goes with an infant-friendly fastener that easily attaches to a crib or car seat. The snuggles never stop with Cody or Cora The Smart Cub!



Crayola Color Wonder Travel Tote – $9.96
Crayola Color Wonder Travel Tote is a portable, easy to carry and easy to store writing surface plus storage for art and crafts. It’s art no matter where kids are. This tote contains a Color Wonder activity book that consists of 12 pages and 4 Color Wonder Marker pens. This is a great option to have in the car since the Color Wonder markers will ONLY work on the Color Wonder Paper! That means your little artist has NO chance of destroying the car with their artwork!

Melissa & Doug Lace and Trace Pets – $9.99

With adorable pets pictured on both sides, it’s fun to practice lacing and tracing skills. This wooden set contains five sturdy, double-sided lacing panels, plus five color-coordinated laces! This helps your child develop hand-eye coordination and attention skills with this great activity. It’s a wonderful quiet activity for your child to enjoy in the car!


VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone – $11.59

The Touch & Swipe Baby Phone by VTech captures your child’s imagination with their very own smartphone for role-play fun. It slides between screens for two modes of play on this educational toy. It comes with twelve light-up pretend learning apps or they can switch to music mode to play fun melodies and sing-along songs. With vivid colors and a touch screen, it will engage your child as they role-play by calling family, friends, or even their stuffed animals. The “Home” button feature allows you to record and save your home number for learning. With a pretend calendar, clock, and weather apps – your baby learns about the day while the touch screen and slider builds hand/eye coordination.


Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic Activity Toy – $14.08

With bright, complementary colors and its one of a kind shape – it will instantly capture their attention. The lightweight wooden dowels, smooth finish, and elastic ties make it easy for little hands to grab and hold. They will love “Skwishing” it down and watching it return to its original shape. The Skwish is a perfect clutching toy for developing gross motor skills. The beads slide back and forth along the dowels when shaken, producing a very pleasing rattle and allowing them to explore sound as well as learn cause and effect. The spatial and tactile elements have been shown to be helpful to those on the Autism spectrum too. Skwish is carefully constructed of sustainable wood and features a non-toxic, water based finish.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Vehicles Maze Puzzle – $14.45

This innovative wooden puzzle includes nine colorful vehicle pieces that slide around a colorful town scene on slotted tracks. It is made with a uniquely designed sliding pieces that move freely around the puzzle, but can’t be removed or lost! This great activity encourages eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. It is a fantastic option for toddlers in the car because it is a quiet activity and you do not have to worry about pieces going missing!



LeapFrog Scribble and Write – $21.69

This is a great toy to light up early writing skills! Scribble & Write provides stroke-by-stroke guidance and has a NEW mode that provides instant accuracy feedback. Children trace the lights to get practice writing uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. The LeapFrog Scribble and Write is engineered to grow with your child. The Scribble & Write delivers challenges targeted to a range of writing abilities. You child can graduate from Level 1, where scribbling is encouraged to Level 2, where writing for accuracy is the goal. New instant accuracy feedback mode is thoughtfully designed to teach proper stroke order and correct letter shapes through verbal feedback and the opportunity to try again.


AquaDoodle Travel Doodle Mat – $17.59

Create fun filled no mess doodles on the go! Travel Doodle is a soft, portable drawing toy that leaves no trace behind. It never makes a mess and it never runs out! Just add water and draw in red or blue! It’s the multicolored, no mess toy that you can bring anywhere you go. Take a creative road trip with Travel Doodle!

8 Fun Toddler Car Seat Toys

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