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How to Plan a Road Trip

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Are you ready to learn how to plan a road trip? The best part about road trips is that they lead to so much fun! You’ll want these tips to plan the perfect road trip so that your travel plans can happen! If you’re ready to create a road trip itinerary, don’t miss these road trip tips for beginners. We also have a ton of great kid friendly travel resources, too.

Using this guide as a road trip planner can be a huge help! Planning out road trips for beginners can help you use google maps or map out the best gas stations to stop at along the way, too.

Have fun planning your road trip route with these travel tips.

how to plan a road trip

The benefit of a road trip comes from flexibility, but the best road trip has planning as a major part of it. There are many resources to prepare for the road trip and it’s a good idea to plan for long drives.

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Benefits of Planning for Road Trips

If you’re ready to take a road trip, it might be for some of the reasons listed below. The following are perks of being able to load up the car and visit state parks or large and small towns in the United States.

You can place your luggage in the car and do not need to lug it through transportation terminals. (Many hotels have services or equipment to help assist with the luggage as well.)

Plus at stops, you do not need to remove the entire luggage from the car. If there are items that you will not need until you get to your locations, you can pack these items separately.

The restroom facilities available at rest stops and restaurants exceed the facilities aboard airplanes as far as quality goes.

You can also plan your stops along the way if you check out resources on the net and available through memberships you have in the organization. Always have your cell phone ready to search up places.

Resources to help with planning a road trip

Along with getting travel insurance, there are some places that might be able to help with your travel plans.

Auto clubs have frequent resources to help you make plans for the trip. They might have trip packages on the club’s website.

Many hotels/motels give discounts to various clubs and organizations.

AAA provides an itinerary program. The club can write an itinerary for your road trip with highly rated mid-priced hotels along the way. You can check out on the internet the amenities of the hotels that are recommended.

If breakfast is important to you might want to a hotel that serves a hot breakfast and if breakfast needs to be a cup of coffee and back on the road, a continental breakfast might suffice.

The itinerary can give a list of options for stopping for meals along the way.

G.P.S. systems can give you information about restaurants as well. This makes it possible for you to eat when and what fits your mood much as you would if you stayed at home.

How to Pack the Car

You can make your car your home away from home. You can get more in your car than you can get in luggable luggage. You can keep your choice of beverage and snacks in coolers in the car. To make sure you are taking only what you need, print out and check-off this printable family road trip packing list!

Be sure to pack activities that keep the kids busy like an iPad or Nintendo Switch for older children. These best toddler toys for road trips would be great for littlies, too!

On transportation sources, you would be limited to what is served and on airplanes, these days next to nothing is served. You can pay high prices for items along the way at the airports, min-bars in hotels, and convenience or gift stores.

Cars provide affordable transportations of sports equipment such as golf clubs which allows of the equipment of choices. There probably are wide selections of golf courses you have never played within a day’s drive from your home. The same can probably be said for ski resorts.

Road trips can add the relaxation that most want from a vacation. The costs can be budget-conscious without a lot of labor hauling luggage or surviving on minimal resources, accessories, or other creature comforts. 

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More Road Trip Fun

When planning a road trip, it’s important to consider ways to keep the kids entertained and occupied during the journey.

One creative idea is to use road shape templates to engage their creativity and imagination. Road shape templates are printable sheets that feature different road shapes and designs.

Kids can use these templates to create their own mini roads and highways by drawing or coloring on them.

This activity keeps them busy and enhances their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Plus, it adds an element of fun to the road trip experience!

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