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Must Have Travel Games for Kids

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While there are a ton of road trip printables out on the web, sometimes the kids don’t want printables or movies.  They want to be happy siblings; getting along and playing board or card games.  So, I called in my boys and we all discussed our favorite travel games.  Here you go!  The Miller Boys’ list of Must Have Travel Games for Kids! Game night theme ideas are always fun!

Over 25 road trip travel games for kids

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Travel size games for kids

When it comes to road trip card games for kids and adults, these games are great for the recommended ages listed! Family road trips are the perfect way to play games and make family travel fun.

What are some of the most popular travel games?

From playing cards to various road trip game options, there are so many great choices! Older kids will love 20 questions or a road trip scavenger hunt while younger kids may prefer easier travel board games, tic tac toe, or even a deck of cards to play with.

You can even pack a travel toy or two to help pass the time!

Can you play these travel games in a hotel room?

You can! Since a lot of the games on this list are smaller in size, they’re easier to pack and take with you when you’re staying in a hotel as well!

The following games are perfect for your family to play the next time that you’re headed out on the road! They’re great for all ages and are a fun way to pass the time while traveling!

Must Have Travel Games for Kids

The following links do contain affiliate links.

Must Have Travel Games for Kids

Headed out on a road trip? These are the best travel games for the kids!

Plus, you can find some of my free printables and activity ideas here:

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Jason Ellis

Friday 22nd of July 2016

That hangman game looks like a great game for my 5 and 7 year old boys. They're both reading and it looks like a great way to combine a little education with the strangely realistic, graphic image of a cowboy being hung - something I'm sure will fascinate them lol.

Thanks for the reminder on Connect 4. I used to love that as a kid. With fall and winter around the corner, I definitely need to take our board game playing up a notch in the house.