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Fun Road Trip Games to Play with Teens

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Check out these fun road trip games to play with teens! These are the best games for long car rides and are perfect for a family vacation. These travel games are great for family members to join in on the fun.

All of these fun travel games are great for older kids and family travel and are a fun way for helping the time pass in the car. Just have the players take turns and see who comes out victorious.

Consider these games for kids on your next family road trip.

games to play with older kids on your next road trip

You’ve made the decision to take a trip by car with your family. When they were younger, you could think of all sorts of things to do to keep them occupied in the car.

Teens and older children will have fun with the ever-popular Tik Tok game, Put a Finger Down Questions. This game is perfect for passing the time during long car rides or flights. It’s an easy and entertaining way for teenagers and older children to bond and create new memories while on vacation.

Games like I-Spy with my little eye, the alphabet game, car scavenger hunt, guess the letter of the alphabet, or the License Plate game can keep the little ones engaged, but what are some road trip games to play with your teens?

Fun Road Trip Games to Play with Teens

Add these games to your next travel adventure. (and don’t forget to work in some of the classics like Road Sign fun, too!)


This hilariously fun game comes with obscure words, people, and even movies. You can get the Balderdash board game to take in the car or come up with your own topics and words. Here’s how it works.

One person will share a word then the other members of your family will come up with a definition for the word. The original word giver will write down the correct definition and the other members will write down definitions or descriptions that sound like they could be true.

The original word giver will then read all of the possible choices and the passengers will vote on the ones they think are correct. This is the perfect game for your teens to improvise, use creativity, and come up with hilarious ideas.

It’s difficult for the driver to contribute to the fake definitions, but they can definitely have a vote!

Name that Tune

There’s no need to fiddle with the radio or your phones with this game. Your teens (and you) can share a lyric from a song and the rest of the members of the road trip crew will guess the name of the song.

The game works with singing the lyrics, of course, or for an extra challenge have the game players simply speak the lyrics. The person who guesses the correct song gets to pick the next one.

You can set categories (like country music, pop songs, Taylor Swift tunes) or just go full catalog and pick any tune!

At our house, we have an Alexa Show in the kitchen and we often play the Song Quiz app. It is a fun way to keep my older teens helping in the kitchen and we all enjoy it. This app would work super well on a road trip game, too!

20 Questions

Twenty questions is the old school game you’re probably familiar with. One member thinks of a person, place, or thing, and the other members ask yes or no questions about the noun chosen.

The guessers get 20 questions to figure out the identity of the person, place, or thing. Make it more teen-friendly by choosing a broad category like book characters, family memories, or other relevant teen categories. You can keep it open-ended as well, but by narrowing the scope of the game, you may start some fun, family discussions.

You could also try the electronic 20Q Game. It’s a lot of fun and amazing to see that the little computer can guess what you’re thinking!

fun games to play on your next road trip with teenagers

Secret Word

One person thinks of a “secret word”. They do not share the word. It usually works best if it’s a word passengers are somewhat likely to say, but not one that is so common that they can’t avoid it (the, car, you, me).

Once they say the word, the word speaker gets to choose the next secret word. An alternative way of playing the game is having all passengers decide on a secret word that everyone knows about. Everyone in the car must avoid saying the word. The first person to say the word loses.

Car games have grown up since your kids were little. These road trip games to play with your teens will keep them from having their faces in electronics and avoid the chorus of “I’m bored”.

The games can be modified to be age-appropriate for your younger passengers as well. Enjoy your family trip, and have fun with these road trip games!

Which one of these games do you think your teen is going to want to play first?

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