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Super Simple Road Trip Packing Tips

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Are you looking for the best road trip packing tips? These awesome travel ideas can make packing for your next road trip a breeze. Don’t stress about how you’re going to pack – just read these simple tips instead! We have even more travel resources and tips for you!

The best part about these packing tips for road trips is that they can apply to a wide variety of travel scenarios. I think that these are all road trip essentials for a long road trip or a short one in the car or plane.

Don’t forget to add your own items to this road trip packing list. You need to be prepared before you head out the road for a long drive!

road trip packing tips

Before you hit the open road, pack up the items that you know you’re going to need. This will not only help you plan ahead but it will help you save money, too. I also like to use Google Maps to plan out the gas stations that I want to stop at as well.

I’ve found that by planning to stop at rest stops is a great way to get out and stretch my legs on the trip. It’s good to prepare for a road trip.

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Road Trip Packing Tips

A major factor of road trips is packing. Making sure you remember and pack all the right things is important, but at the same time, you don’t want to over-pack or bring the wrong things. The next time you go on a road trip, you should keep the following packing tips in mind.

Write Out A List

Everybody knows how it feels to leave on a road trip, but then a couple of hours later remember something that you forgot at home. To avoid this, the best idea is to make a list. Prior to leaving on your trip, start making a list of things that you need to bring. If you start on your list a couple of days before you leave, you can make sure that you think of everything. Then, as you gather and pack the items, simply check them off the list.

Some of the best items to have on your list include:

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Plan Ahead For Your Destination

It important that you think ahead about what you will be doing on your trip. Where are you going? Are you going to the mountains to hike, or are you going to visit and stay with family? If you’re going to go on a “wilderness adventure” then, of course, you’ll have to be sure to pack all of the equipment that you need. If you’re going to stay with friends or family or stay in a hotel, then you obviously won’t have to bring the same things with you.

Also, think about the climate. Is it going to be hot or cold? Be sure to bring enough layers if there is a possibility of snow or storms so you can stay warm. After all, if your car broke down, you’d need to be able to stay warm.

Visiting National Parks is really popular right now so you might want to consider keeping a sleeping bag in your car, just in case you need to snuggle up sleep.

Pack Lightly

Packing lightly can make the road trip easier for everybody. Even if you’re going on a long road trip than normal, you can still pack lightly. Bring only the clothes that you know you are going to wear and keep food contained in a single cooler and/or a bag. If you are traveling with children, then be sure that they understand they shouldn’t bring their entire room with them.

Instead of bringing their whole stuffed animal collection or most of their toys or games, have them bring only the ones that they enjoy the most. That way, they can still stay entertained on the road, but they will be packing much less.

You will also find that packing lightly is especially nice when it comes to checking in and out of hotels. The fewer suitcases and bags that you have to carry back and forth, the better.

Additionally, traveling in your car will be more enjoyable if you don’t have the entire vehicle filled with your belongings.

You’ll also want to pack usb ports for charging devices as well.

Pack For Emergencies

Last but not least, you should pack emergency car tools and other things that you might need if a problem came about during your trip. You should check to make sure you have the right tools to change your tire and whether or not your spare tire is in good condition as well.

Bring a first aid kit in case anybody gets hurt, and be sure that you have the phone numbers for tow truck companies saved in your cell phone.

Last but not least, see if you need to have travel insurance for wherever you’re going.

Packing the right things can make your road trip more enjoyable and less worrisome for everyone!

These road trip tips can help you plan ahead for your next travel trip with ease!

things to remember to pack for your next road trip

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