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Top Ten Books for Teens

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Don’t miss out on these Top Ten Books for Teens! Great reading for teenagers to love and enjoy! Make certain to check out my other book recommendations as well.

My boys are almost officially out of school for Winter Break!  YAY!  But… uh-oh! I have to keep these darlings from destroying everything in their paths when boredom sets in.  To do that, I like to keep them supplied with books.  So, I found the Top Ten Books for Teens to get me started.

Top Teen Books for Teens

When it comes to getting teens to read, why does it have to be so hard? These books just might be what they need to give them that want and need to read!

What age range are teen books geared towards?

You’ll find that the age reach is typically for 13+. However, you can easily decide what books are suitable for your children to read. They might read older books or younger books and that all just depends on your own house rules.

How do you motivate a teen to read?

The easiest way to get a teenager to read is to find a good book series for them to love!

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Top Ten Books for Teens:

Remember, I have not read these books for teens myself at the time of writing this post.  I simply took to the charts and these are the most popular for the young adult and teen category.  I have no idea of their appropriateness – just my warning to you. 🙂

Top Ten Books for Teens

This list of book suggestions might be good reads for your teen!

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