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Road Trip Printables for Kids: Restaurant I Spy

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Have you been on a search for some fun road trip printables for kids?  This i spy road trip game might be best suited for a very long car drive since it includes so many different restaurants.

But, I am sure the kids will have fun trying to keep their eyes peeled for these logos on billboards and on the roads with this eye spy bingo printable!

Although my children are older now, they still ask for me to print these Road Trip Printables for Kids: Restaurant I Spy when we go somewhere!

When on a road trip, kids tend to get bored very easily – you know, if they are not asleep. 😀  We can keep them connected to electronics (like small tv and dvd players) so the entire world passes them by, or we can give them tools to help keep their eyes peeled on their surroundings – like this road trip i spy template.

Personally, I prefer the latter!

Worksheets and printables like this i spy travel game printable also help younger children to recognize words and letters.  Did you know that recognition of the shape and order of letters is one of the first steps to being a great reader?

Give your younger kids a fidget spinner to keep their hands occupied so that their eyes can concentrate on their surroundings while they play road trip i spy.  This soft education can really help your aspiring reader in ways you can’t even imagine!  Plus, these free printable road trip games keep the kids entertained!

free road trip i spy travel game printable

Be sure to download the road trip printables for kids!  But, don’t stop there!  

Road Trip Ideas for Kids:

Other road trip hacks to keep kids engaged include letting them choose things.  For example: If the kids are looking at the road signs to fill out their free road trip printable, they may notice some fun things to do.  Don’t make a road trip simply a way to get from point a to point b! 

Add in some of those fun road-side attractions to give everyone a chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs.

You can let each child pick one thing, let half pick one way and the other half pick on the way back, or let the road trip game winner choose the next excursion!

Don’t just supply this road trip restaurant scavenger hunt printable spy game for each child! Make sure to include other free printables (listed below), coloring books, word searches, crayons, road trip snacks, and other travel games to keep the kids busy.

The longer your trip is, the more ideas you will need to come up

More Road Trip Car Games:

In addition to these road trip printables, we like to play games and activities, especially now that my kids are a bit older.


We play ghost.  Ghost is an odd name for the game, but it is a fun one.

You decide on a topic (we usually do food) and then you start with the letter “a”.

The first person has to say a food that starts with the letter “a”.  The next person has to say a food that starts with the letter that the previous word ends with!

If you can’t think of a new word (no repeating), you get a “g” and the next person starts with letter “b”.  It keeps going until you get enough letters to spell the word ghost!

Then, you are out and the game continues with the remaining people!

Question Game:

My kids love to play the question game.  In the question game, you have to carry on a conversation using only questions.  That gets super hard!  But, it really causes you to think. 

When we take a family road trip, this one always gets played.  I think the kids enjoy stumping mom and dad more than anything. 🙂

2-Second Game:

The final game we absolutely love is the 2 second game.

Someone says a word and the next person has to say the very first thing that pops into their head.

 The next person, the word that pops into their head.

Two Second Game Example:

  • Person One:  Day
  • Person Two:  Night
  • Person Three: Rider
  • Person One: Horse

20 Questions:

This one can be fun for older and younger children.  Someone thinks of a person, place or thing and the others try to guess what it is by asking yes or no questions.  While the name of the game is 20 questions, we actually keep going until someone guesses correctly or until everyone gives up.

Example Questions:

  • Is it bigger than a bread box?
  • Can you eat it?
  • Does it hum?

Unfortunately, Thomas tends to “forget” what item is in his head. So, we had to start giving him a dry erase board to write down his thing on.  This way, he can’t cheat by changing items in the middle of the game. LOL!

My Favorite Road Trippin’ Products:

Don’t stress over your next road trip!  The following Etsy (aff link) items will help you get organized (and have fun). 🙂

Road Trip Planner Stickers

Road Trip Planning Pages

Road Trip Journal for Kids

This is my Road Trip Shirt

road trip printables for kids

More Road Trip Printables for Kids:

Personally, I print out a stack of different i spy printables, bingo game worksheets, coloring pages, etc  and stick them in a storage clipboard!

Looking for more?  You can find all my road trip printables for kids here.  This includes a licenses plates game and other great ideas for older kids.

Plus, I have a big list of 36 other road trip printables!

Love these 10 ideas for 2-year olds while traveling from Crystal and Comp

These Road Trip Story Starters from Somewhat Simple are a great way to help avoid the Summer Drain – the kids won’t even know they are learning!

No matter your age, Bingo is fun! This Reading Mama has a fun set of road trip bingo printables for us.

Make and Takes never fails to give us exactly what we didn’t know we needed! These road trip scavenger hunt printables fit the bill!

What are some great road trip activities for kids?

Taking a road trip with kids can be a great vacation option as they provide flexibility and the opportunity to explore new places. Road trips are also filled with unique activities that children of all ages will find entertaining.

To keep children engaged during the ride, parents can pack scavenger hunts or relay races. When stopping for meals, parents can create fun restaurant challenges that involve counting spoons or finding particular items on the menu.

Additionally, bringing along books, puzzles, or interactive stories will ensure that there is something for everyone during rest stops and when seeking shelter from bad weather.

While planning a road trip with kids requires creativity and advanced thinking, having access to such an array of activities makes the journey enjoyable and helps make memories that will last a lifetime.

How many games should I plan for a road trip with kids?

Planning for a road trip with children can be an enjoyable process, as it opens up opportunities to entertain the little ones along the journey.

One important thing to remember when strategizing activities is to plan enough games and distractions so that everyone remains occupied throughout the excursion. How many exactly?

Generally speaking, it’s advised to prepare two or three playlists and at least one game per hour spent on the road, as this should take up enough time and keep attention levels up.

Of course, it’s also wise to keep some extra activities tasked in case of any schedule disruptions or extended breaks.

What are some good road trip snacks for kids?

Road trips can be fun, but they aren’t necessarily so for children, who may feel cooped up in the car for long periods. To make sure that kids stay happy and engaged during a road trip, selecting the right snacks can be especially important!

Providing healthy and delicious snacks to munch on during the journey provides an enjoyable distraction from the monotony of driving. Studies have shown that healthier snack options are perceived to taste better, so items like string cheese and yogurts with granola or nut mixes provide a great balance between satisfying hunger and providing nutrition at the same time.

Additionally, foods like mandarins or Clementine oranges can give a natural burst of sweetness while also promoting oral hygiene and fresh breath after eating. By investing in these tasty options before takeoff, kids (and adults!) will thank you for the variety throughout their journey!

What is the best piece of advice for a road trip with kids?

Taking a road trip with children can be both an amazing experience and a logistical nightmare. Without proper preparation, the journey can quickly become full of tantrums and meltdowns. The most important piece of advice when embarking on a road trip with kids is to plan.

Consider factors such as meal times, rest stops, and potential delays so that you know of any possible hiccups during your travels.

Additionally, packing diversions in advance such as books, travel games, and electronic devices, can help stave off boredom and make portions of the drive more enjoyable for everyone involved. Keeping snacks on hand will also help ensure energy levels stay high throughout the trip while simultaneously lessening the chance that a spat over food might break out in the car.

With careful planning and thoughtful execution, whatever destination you have in mind is sure to be within reach!

I Spy Road Trip Printables

More Travel Games for Kids:

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You hit the nail on the head. Love the new twist on an I Spy road game! Thank you so very much!

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My kids, and me and my husband are going to Florida. This is a great idea for a 18 hour trip that's gonna be soon!

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I used to make up binders with all sorts of fun printables like this for all of my boys. What a fabulous idea!! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Encouraging Hearts and Home. Pinned.