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Over 20 DIY Lunchable Ideas That Kids Will Love!

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These DIY Lunchable Ideas are a great way to whip up your own school lunches with ease at home. If you’re ready to opt for a healthy lunch and leave the store bought behind, these meal planning ideas are certain to help.

Below you’ll find great ideas to make up your own lunchables made with real food that kids love. These recipes prove that you can easily pack lunches in their lunch box that are kid friendly and tasty!

make your own lunchables for children at home

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m tired of running to the grocery store and searching the aisles for kid healthy snacks and lunch ideas. That is part of the reason why I love these homemade lunchables that are simple and easy to make!

And even though the pizza lunchable is the most popular in our house, this list has a ton of great options that the kids will love, too!

How easy are these DIY lunchables for kids to make?

Seriously simple. So simple, in fact, that the kids might be able to actually make them up themselves. What a treat that they can help make up their own lunches, too!



What are some simple snacks for kids to put into a bento box?

Bento boxes are great because they offer compartments that keep the food items separate. You can easily fill your bento box with shredded cheddar cheese, apple slices and peanut butter, or other pieces of fresh fruit.

DIY Lunchable Ideas

As you can see, making up your own lunchables at home is really such a simple process! Find a few things that your child will eat and then go from there!

homemade lunchable ingredients and ideas

Do you have a favorite recipe out of these DIY punchable ideas that you’re excited and looking forward to make?

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