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Submarine Bento Lunch Idea

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Hi, everyone!  This is Chrissy from The Taylor House!  I am excited to be here again this week sharing a Bento Lunch Recipe with you at Southern Mom Cooks.  I am so glad that you stopped by  today to see the lunch idea that we have put together for you!

I have two boys in elementary who love to take their lunch from home instead of eating at school so we will be sharing a weekly lunch idea with you to make a fun new lunch for your kids.

Putting these lunch ideas together each week has been so much fun.  I love getting creative and finding new ways to get my boys excited about their lunch, even though they are having so many of the same things.  Making a sandwich that looks like a submarine or a butterfly is more fun to eat than a regular sandwich.  Am I right?  So, my kids have really been digging these lunches!

Today I have a Submarine Themed lunch to share with you.

Submarine Bento Lunch Recipe Instructions:

bento lunch recipe

Making this Submarine Lunch was very easy and my boys thought it was pretty clever.

  • Step One – Make your Submarine.  Use a Hot Dog Bun, meat, cheese mayo and a straw.  Put your sandwich together and then add your straw on the top as the periscope.

Bento Lunch Recipes

  • Step Two – Assemble your sandwich in a container with Whale crackers on the bottom to appear as if it is in a sea of fish.

Bento Lunch Recipe

  • Step Three – Next make your blueberries and swimming fish.  This is very simple, add a handful of blueberries to a container and stick a little fish cracker in it so that it looks like it is swimming.  This is so easy and cute!

    Bento Lunch Recipe

Materials Used:

Making this Submarine Lunch is very simple and I used ingredients that I had on hand and would have sent with them to lunch anyway.  I just created a new and fun way to serve them.

  • Hot Dog Bun
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Mayo
  • Straw
  • Blueberries
  • Whale or Fish Crackers Since I have two boys, they loved this Bento Lunch Recipe idea.  It was very inexpensive to make and still was a fun idea.

Bento Lunch Recipe

Submarine Bento Lunch Resources:

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About the Author:

Chrissy Taylor is a wife, Mom, blogger and property manager. She and her husband of 15 years are raising two active boys in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Chrissy enjoys blogging about recipes, crafts, gifts and household tips.

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