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Bento Food for Kids: How do you do it?

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One of the things that can interest a kid to eat his lunch is the style and way it is presented. What is common nowadays is the with our Bento Lunch for Kids, you no longer have to be stressed about tomorrow’s lunch! Which not only attracts kids to eat them, but is also healthy and easy to prepare, making it preparation a win-win situation for both moms and kids. But what is bento-style lunch and how it is prepared?

What is a bento?

Bento is a traditional Japanese single-packed take-out or home-packed meal. Bento usually consists of rice, fish or meat, and pickled vegetables in a box-shaped container to be eaten for lunch.

Making bentos are not as simple as people may think because they have been carefully prepared so that it would look more pleasing to the eyes!

There are many ways to design a bento. One way is to make it look like something from your favorite cartoon, anime, comic book or video game. This can be fun for kids and adults alike!

The other kind of bento you may see at the grocery store (or even on Instagram) is called “picture” Bentos because each dish has been carefully thought-out in terms of its appearance as well as how tasty it will taste when consumed: this type often imitates people, animals buildings and monuments or items such as flowers and plants!

Bento is more than just a meal in the box. It’s art, it’s creativity, and sometimes even an expression of oneself. This Japanese dish can be as simple or extravagant as you want to make it – from providing different compartments for each component to including small souvenirs like stickers inside one’s lunch kit with messages written on them such as reading “Good luck!”

Bento ideas or themes are based off your imagination because they’re so easily made and easy enough that carrying around isn’t much work either (it typically comes served in a single container).



Are Japanese bento boxes healthy?

Bento boxes should be healthy and well-balanced, but they’re not always so. Traditional sandwiches are often lacking in nutrients because of the lack of vegetables or sauces inside them; however, a bento box is usually packed with veggies to compliment the meats.

Bentos might not be considered traditionally “healthy”, but they are nutritious. The bento box covers all essential food groups from fruits to protein-making for one well-balanced meal after another!

Bentos are lunch boxes that offer a variety of food and make for the perfect meal. Not only do they have all your favorite foods, but bento boxes also promote healthy eating as it includes fruit, vegetables, dairy products such as eggs or cheese (depending on what you’re in the mood for), grains like rice or noodles to keep you full throughout the day until dinner time

How do you pack a Bento for lunch?

Preparing a bento box is easy and can be done with anything in your kitchen cupboard. The specifications? You must make sure it’s leakproof, has several divisions for each type of food group, and preferably microwavable so you know the meal will stay fresh until lunchtime- not to mention saving on time!

Next up: what should go into one? Just remember that balancing out all types of foods is important, as well as making sure there isn’t too much or too little from any given category.

Prepare your food before placing it in the bento box; never put raw food in your bento.

Remember that bento boxes are normally prepared to make them pleasing and enticing to the eyes of the eaters, thus, you may want to be creative in placing the rice, meat, vegetables, and fruits into the box.

If there are gaps between the compartments of each food type, you can mix it up by filling the spaces between your bento’s compartments with bright and beautiful vegetables as a garnish. This way, you won’t feel like every meal is just another variation of rice or noodles.

Bento Recipes & Ideas:

Bento boxes are a great way to make healthy, homemade lunches for kids. They’re also fun and easy! Try it out today by following these simple instructions on how to pack the perfect lunch. Your children will love their new school food experience!

I hope this post has been helpful to you. Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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sakshi lakhotiya

Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Never heard of a Bento-style lunch but looks very interesting and must be very delicious. Thank You for sharing this.

Japanese animeKabuki

Monday 3rd of June 2013

It's in point of fact a fantastic and also very helpful bit of information and facts. Now i am happy you contributed this convenient information and facts here. Be sure to stop us current like this. Many thanks for revealing.


Saturday 6th of April 2013

Thanks for the great information, I think my kids would love to eat one of these. It's funny, put something on a plate and they won't touch it, dress it up or put it inside of a fun bag and they gobble it up! Visiting from Pin Me Link Party, if you have a moment I would love to have you come link up at my new party: thanks!


Friday 5th of April 2013

I have never heard of a Bento-style lunch. It sounds interesting and looks yummy! I need some cute boxes and to figure out how to make it friendly for my daughter with food allergies.

Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain

Friday 5th of April 2013

I found Bentos very interesting, but never easy to make. Maybe I over think them? LOL Or spend too much time thinking about presentation? I do make Bento-style picnic lunches for the kids though!