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Recipes Using Essential Oils

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Essential oils are all the rage right now – and with good reason! There are so many ways to use them! You can use essential oils for stress relief, to make soap, to promote calm, to make your home smell great, and a host of other things!

If you’re feeling confused about how to make essential oils work for you, try some of these DIY recipes using essential oils! You’ll find lots of practical uses for these oils for your home and your family!

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DIY Recipes Using Essential Oils

If you’re just starting out using essential oils, be sure to check out these Essential Oils for Beginners!

Recipes Using Essential Oils:

1. Make a batch of this Calming Lavender Essential Oil Soap to give yourself a break at the end of a tough week!

2. Need an energy burst? Whip up this Invigorating Peppermint Soap!

3. Learn how to treat psoriasis yourself with this Psoriasis Essential Oil Recipe!

4. Nothing is worse than sleeping with a snoring spouse. Try this Essential Oil Snoring Remedy!

5. Have a bottle of wintergreen oil? Try these Wintergreen Essential Oil recipes to make the most of it!

6. This Essential Oil Soap for Men using sandalwood and patchouli oils would make a great gift!

7. Learn how to use Anxiety Essential Oil Remedies to manage anxious feelings.



8. Try these Essential Oil Diffuser Blends to help get your home ready for guests!

9. Get your body beach ready with this Essential Oil Recipe for Cellulite!

10. Did you know you can use essential oil for muscle pain? Learn how!

Essential Oils Recipes

11. Make this all-natural DIY Essential Oil Aftershave for your guy!

12. Get a good night’s rest with these Effective Essential Oil Recipes for Sleep.

13. Raising a hyperactive child? You’ve got to try this ADHD Essential Oil Blend!

14. Make your own Thieves with this DIY Thieves Essential Oil Recipe!

15. “Green” clean your clothes with this Essential Oil Laundry Detergent Recipe you can use with both soft or hard water!

16. Dealing with skin irritation? Try this Soothing Homemade Oatmeal and Honey Soap!

17. Love your skin with this DIY Healing All-Over Body Butter!

DIY Essential Oils Recipes

Recipes Using Essential Oils Resources:

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Joey Qiu

Friday 15th of November 2019

unique idea. people who love beauty need such essential oils