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Essential Oil Recipes for Snoring

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Many of us have hubbies who snore. Many husbands snore loudly enough to wake the dead. My husband is no exception. Seriously, my husband can wake the neighbors that are one mile down the road when he really gets to going! Of course, not all of us ladies are exempt from snoring. If you’re the snoring person in your marriage, your husband will appreciate you using these essential oil recipes for snoring as much as I do when my husband remembers to use his oils!


These essential oil recipes for snoring have been a total sleep saver for me, and when you snore less, you actually sleep better, which means it is also better for my husband when he uses the oils. Nighttime at our house has been so much quieter since we started this routine and we are not going back.

There is evidence that shows essential oils can be useful in the prevention of snoring. A study from 2004 published in Phytotherapy Research Journal found that gargling with essential oils could reduce nighttime snoring. If rubbing the oil on the skin before bed doesn’t help, try gargling instead. However, don’t swallow the oil, as ingesting essential oils can be dangerous.

Essential Oil Recipes for Snoring

Depending on the cause of snoring, one recipe might work better over another. Common reasons for snoring include:

  • Enlarged tonsils
  • Sleep apnea
  • Illness or allergies
  • Sleeping on your back

When essential oils are used, they open up nasal passages, promote restful sleep, and control tonsil swelling that can cause snoring. For best results, rub the oils directly into the chest and shoulders right before bed. I’ve included two of our favorite anti-snoring essential oil blends with and without lavender. If these recipes don’t have the desired effect, try the Dreamtime blend from Rocky Mountain Oils. It’s designed to improve sleep and relax the body.


Snoring Blend 1

Snoring Blend 2

Place either blend in an amber glass roll-on bottle for ease of application.

I didn’t expect these recipes to actually stop my husband’s snoring, but it actually makes quite a bit of difference. His snoring is softer and he snores less often when essential oils are used. Not only does it help relieve snoring, but when I use the chest rub, I sleep better, too!

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Mary Nielsen

Saturday 10th of December 2016

Hi Kelli, I have been following your blog for a while now and nothing made me laugh more than this article's intro :D

It is true, some people can start the zombie apocalypse by snoring so much, waking up the dead people :D

Although even if sometimes funny snoring is not a thing to be taken lightly, like you mentioned it in the article, it could be sleep apnea which is a serious matter, not only that it will potentially wake up the people next door but it could damage one's health by not providing enough oxygen.

In both blends, you recommended the use of fractionated coconut oil and in the biggest amount of 7 drops. Mind if I ask you what role does the coconut oil play in this mix? Is it like the base and can it be replaced with something else?

Thank you for a beautiful read and looking forward to your reply Kelli! :)

Kelli Miller

Tuesday 13th of December 2016

Yes, some oils can be harsh if not diluted. The carrier oil can one of many different types coconut, Shea, etc