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3 Must-Try Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for The Holidays

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These three essential oil diffuser blends for the holidays will engulf your home with the magic of the season within just a few seconds. No baking required! Be sure to check out the rest of my Recipes Using Essential Oils for more information and ideas!

Nothing is better than opening a door during the holiday season and smelling the delicious scents of the season wafting through the house. These delicious smells bring back memories of holiday baking, gathering around the Christmas tree, and celebrating with family and friends. But you don’t have to wait until baking day to bring the smells of the holiday season to your home.

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for the Holidays

3 Must-Try Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for The Holidays

To use these recipes in your home, you will need an essential oils diffuser. While you can purchase a diffuser at most stores, my favorite diffuser is this one from Rocky Mountain Oils. I get all my essential oil supplies from Rocky Mountain Oils because I love their high-quality products and affordable prices.

Try these essential oil diffuser blends for the holidays today! Your home will smell festive all season long.

For each recipe, simply drop the number of oil drops specified into your essential oils diffuser, then turn it on to start diffusing the scent throughout your home.

Be sure to check out my guide to essential oils for more good tips!

Winter Mint

Holiday Spice


If you don’t want the hassle of mixing different oils yourself, Rocky Mountain Oils makes it even easier to enjoy the scents of the holidays without hassle. Rocky Mountain Oils has four holiday blends perfect for any occasion:

You can also purchase the four holiday scents in one bundle, giving you all four diffuser blends at a discounted price.

Your family’s eyes will light up in delight as they take in the familiar and delicious scents of the season.

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Christine Maxwell

Friday 1st of December 2017

I can almost smell them! Thank you!