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ADHD Essential Oil Blend Diffuser Recipe

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If you have noticed any of the symptoms of ADHD in your children (or maybe even yourself!), or have recently received a diagnosis of ADHD in one of your kiddos, you may be wondering how to proceed. There is some evidence that suggests that diffusing essential oils can help children and adults with ADHD. Even if your child already takes medication, an ADHD essential oil blend diffuser recipe may help eliminate stress during homework sessions or bedtime.


This ADHD essential oil blend recipe is designed to encourage relaxation and reduce hyperactivity.

This blend can be used topically when rubbed into the skin with a carrier oil (we like fractionated coconut oil) or diffused into the room with a diffuser (this is my favorite).

If you don’t have the time to make your own custom essential oil blend for ADHD, Rocky Mountain Oils has a fabulous ADHD blend already pre-made and ready-to-go.

ADHD Essential Oil Blend Recipe

This ADHD essential oil blend recipe is designed to help with relaxation and focus by eliminating anxiety, stress, and distractions.

What to include in your ADHD essential oils blend:

While there are hundreds of essential oil blends you can diffuse, I find that the simplest blends are often the easiest to use.

Not all blends will work the same way for everyone, so after trying my recipe, try adding a few of the other ingredients listed to create the perfect ADHD essential oil blend recipe for your specific needs.

Essential Oils Commonly Used in ADHD/Focusing Blends

ADHD Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipe for Hyperactivity

Children with ADHD are often hyperactive at bedtime, and diffusing this essential oil blend promotes a feeling of calm and peace. I like to use this blend to calm everyone down at night before bed.

Mix together and store in an amber bottle:

This can be diffused 3-4 drops at a time with a diffuser, but if you want to use it topically, make the following additions:

  • After mixing the oils, drop 20 drops into 12 teaspoons of fractionated coconut oil. Mix well and store in an amber roll-on bottle.
  • This mixture should be safe for most children over age two. Check this dilution chart to determine if you should make your mixture stronger or weaker.

If you’d rather not deal with making your own ADHD essential oil blend recipe or are on a tight budget, we love this pre-made blend for ADHD from Rocky Mountain oils.


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