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Montessori Cutting Sheets

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If you have a preschooler or a kindergartner following the Montessori method, you will love this roundup of Montessori Cutting Sheets!

Since a Montessori education emphasizes teaching life skills at an early age, learning to use scissors to cut is an important milestone for children. These cutting sheets include simple practice, themed printables, and even advanced cutting skills for older kids!

Montessori Cutting Sheets

23 Montessori Cutting Sheets:

This Ocean Animals Cutting Practice set is a great way to include preschool skills in an ocean unit study!

Teach kids to cutting in straight lines with these Montessori Frog Cutting Sheets!

Introduce your kids to Eastern architecture with these Cutting and Sticking Mosque Shape Printables!

Show children how to cut wavy, zigzag, and straight lines with these Free Cutting Practice Strips!

Your little construction fans will love these Construction Truck Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets!

When the weather turns cold, your kids can use this fun Winter Cut It Out Pack to learn how to cut all kinds of lines and shapes!

Teach your kids to bake homemade bread and then let them practice scissor skills with this Printable Bread Cutting Pack!

If your kids are into transportation (and what child isn’t?), they’ll love these printables featuring Train Themed Cutting Practice!

These simple Cutting Practice Printables are a snap to print and use with your children!

If you have a child entering pre-k in the fall, use these fun Summer Cut It Out Printables to help them work on scissor skills during school break!

This set of ABC Animals Read, Write, and Cut Printables is a super way to teach cutting practice, reading, handwriting, and letters at the same time!

Shiver me timbers! Your little ones will have a treasure chest of fun working with these Pirate Cutting Sheets!

Let your preschoolers cut out these Truck Pattern Cards on the lines and then have fun making them into repeated patterns!

Love butterflies? Show your children some gorgeous pictures of them and help them work on cutting practice at the same time with these Butterfly Montessori Cutting Sheets!

These Dr. Seuss Cut It Out Printables would be excellent activities when you read some of the author’s classic books!

Keep your preschoolers buzzing with these cute Busy Bee Scissor Skills Printables!

Help your preschoolers learn how to identify parts of the body with these Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Cutting Puzzle Printables!

These adorable Baby Penguin Cutting Practice printables are a perfect introduction to a winter animal study!

Kids who have mastered basic scissor skills will love the challenge of this African Animals Cutting Shapes Printable!

Do your older kids need to work on scissor skills? This Scissor Practice Packet for Pre-K through 1st Grade works for kids aged 3 to 7!

Let your children learn to cut correctly and assemble their pictures again with these Space Themed Cut and Paste Puzzles!

This fun Snowboarding Themed Cutting Printable is great for kids who love winter sports!

Welcome autumn with these Pumpkin-themed Cutting Printables for kids!

23 Montessori Cutting Sheets

Montessori Cutting Sheets Resources:

Want even more help to use Montessori cutting sheets with your kids? These resources are great for reinforcing scissor skills!

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Friday 2nd of August 2019

I just want to say THANK YOU so much for providing free printables so I can teach my 4 year old some imortant things before starting Kindergarten.

Kelli Miller

Friday 9th of August 2019

Awe, thanks! I have more in my shop that aren't free (gotta make money somehow), but I try to provide lots of freebies. I remember a time when 5 bucks was outside my budget plan and I don't want strict budgets to prevent people from using my worksheets. :-)