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Minions Popsicle Stick Puppets

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Minions Popsicle Stick Puppets are great for Minion fans! The kids will have a blast creating different silly faces and unique looks. Pop in the Minion movie to accompany this easy craft.

The fun part about paper puppets is that the kids can play with them and use their imagination. Have them work on their scissors skills to help cut out all the pieces.

I used to love creating puppets when I was younger because it was like creating my own little friends that I could take with me anywhere. I gave them voices and names and kept them in a special hiding spot!

Imaginative play is the type of creative play for kids!

What is the learning benefit of this Minions Popsicle Stick Puppets?

Many layers are involved in making puppets – all of them are great for learning. Kids will love being able to create and be a part of the puppet-making process from start to finish.

They’ll work on their fine motor skills for cutting, coloring skills for creativity, and hand-eye coordination for putting all the puppet pieces together.

These actions combined create an epic puppet and learning activity that is great for all ages to join in on the fun!

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What it includes:

With the click of the print button, the kids can create many different types of puppets! And isn’t that part of the fun?

This packet includes:

  • Popsicle inspired puppets
  • Design your options

The pages are full of fun and creative ideas, meant to give the kids control over what they use and apply to their puppets.

Fun ways to use this printable:

Once the puppets are made, it’s time to have fun with them! Here are a few ways the kids can use these puppets in fun and interactive ways!

Have a popsicle puppet march

Creating a popsicle puppet parade with the kids is a fun and creative activity that combines crafting and imaginative play. Gather simple materials like popsicle sticks, construction paper, markers, and glue. Help the kids design and decorate their puppets, turning them into colorful characters.

Once the puppets are ready, organize a mini-parade in your living room or backyard. Encourage the children to march their puppets to a rhythmic beat, perhaps even singing a song or two.

This activity entertains and promotes creativity and teamwork among the kids. Plus, it gives them a keepsake to remember the fun day.

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Create a story around the creation of the puppets

Have the kids create a funny story about the puppets. Let their imagination run wild! Use the following as a starter or idea:

Each minion has its quirks—one with a penchant for juggling bananas, another who loves to dance the waltz, and a third with an impressive ability to mimic animal sounds. Together, these mischievous minions have a quest to find the legendary Golden Banana.

Along the way, they encounter talking trees, singing rivers, and even a friendly dragon who loves to play hide-and-seek.

As each child adds their twist, the imaginative additions create a story as delightful and unique as their handmade puppets.



Think of silly names for the minion puppet characters

Creating silly names for minion puppet characters can be a fun and creative exercise! Imagine a cast featuring Giggles McGoofy, the clumsy prankster who always gets into hilarious mishaps, and Bubbles Doodlewhisk, whose laughter lights up any room.

Add in Zippy Bumblefizz, the hyperactive inventor with wacky gadgets, and Wiggles Snickerfoot, the silly dancer whose moves are as unpredictable as his jokes. With names like these, your minion puppets will bring endless joy and laughter to their audience!

More Printable Activities for Kids:

In today’s digital age, providing children with engaging, screen-free activities is more important than ever. Printable activities offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for parents and teachers alike.

From coloring pages and puzzles to educational worksheets and creative crafts, online printable options are virtually endless. These activities entertain and foster essential skills such as fine motor development, critical thinking, and creativity.

By incorporating printable activities into daily routines, parents can ensure their children enjoy productive and enjoyable learning experiences that contribute to their overall development.

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