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Star Wars Day Cutting Practice Sheets

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The kids are going to love these Star Wars Day Cutting Practice Sheets. They’re a simple way to work on their scissor skills and cutting skills while getting to see cute Star Wars characters as well!

Perfect for any Star Wars fan and great for working on fine motor skills also. One of my favorite star wars activities for kids! All you have to do is print out the fun cutting practice sheets to get started. Take a peek at our printable cutting worksheets for preschoolers.

Use these as a fun Star Wars-themed activity or a simple way to have the kids get more confidence using scissors.

Star Wars Day themed scissor skills sheets for fine motor practice

If your child is a fan of Star Wars, they’re going to see all their favorite characters here. This will keep their attention and motivate them to keep on cutting and following those dotted lines!

What is the activity focus of this printable?

The whole point of this printable is to help your early learner have scissor skills develop as their confidence grows. These sheets work with your child in holding scissors and using their hand-eye coordination to follow the dotted lines, too.

What it includes:

This fun Star Wars cutting sheet includes four pages of cutting practice for preschoolers. You’ll see each sheet focuses on a different type of line from straight to curly to zig-zag.

Each page focuses on cutting a different type of line and direction.

Star Wars Day themed cutting practice for preschool

Fun ways to use this printable:

There are a lot of ways to think outside the box and use this fun printable.

Turn them into coloring pages

Once the kids draw on the dotted lines, you can then have them draw on the pages to color them in as well. They’ll get to draw some of their favorite Star Wars graphics!

Create and build with LEGO Star Wars

Let the kids get creative and grab their LEGOs to start building fun Star Wars scenes!

Have them create their own cutting lines to try

See how far they’re wanting to challenge themselves by having them try out their own dotted line to them try and cut out.

Star Wars Day themed cutting practice for preschool

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