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RECIPE: Freckled Face Wubbzys Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

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Rachel at Grand Communications contacted me this morning with some super neat back to school crafting ideas for my kids.  I don’t normally post press releases without charging, but it is my website so I can do what I want when I want. LOL!  I liked this stuff and am bookmarking the site, so I went ahead and made the decision to bring my wonderful readers the information at no cost to Rachel!

*Note to any PR peeps reading this – do not hesitate to send me press releases, just be forewarned that 95% of the time I will be sending you an invoice.  It isn’t fair to expect us Mom Bloggers to do your advertising for you (free of cost) especially when magazines and newspapers are going to charge an arm and a leg. 🙂  Also note, my fees are VERY reasonable because I want small Mom Businesses to be able to afford them, also.  Don’t like that?  Contact me anyway, I do reviews free-of-charge!*


I am so making this with cinnamon!  Doesn’t it sound great for breakfast and snacks?


Doesn’t this look like super fun and it is so easy!  I printed this one and will gather the needed supplies (felt, eyes, and sponges) in a Ziplock bag to add to the fun box!

Check out for more “wubbtastic” information and resources for you and your children!

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Sharing is caring!