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Memorial Day Cutting Practice

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These Memorial Day Cutting Practice Worksheets will help your Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten children work on dexterity, scissor skills, and fine motor skills. Plus, they are fun, adorable, and just in time for Memorial Day! Don’t forget to check out our other preschool cutting printables as well.

If you want to help the kids learn about Memorial Day, these scissor cutting printable activities are a great stepping stone. You can start here and then look at other military worksheets for preschool learning as well.

Use these Memorial Day worksheets and Memorial Day printables as a fun and festive learning time for the kids! They’ll love completing them and showing off their work! These simple cutting worksheets are great for early learners!

Memorial Day themed cutting practice for preschool

The more that you can talk about this national holiday with the kids, the more that they’ll want to learn. You can even take a national moment of remembrance to pay respect to fallen soldiers as well.

Talking to the kids about this federal holiday and what it’s truly about is important as well. Doing a quick discussion about national cemeteries like Arlington National Cemetery is also an important part of history to remember as well.

There are many things to talk about how people decorated the graves and still do to this day. Depending on the age of your child, you’ll have to gauge what you do and don’t want to discuss.

What will the kids learn from this scissor cutting printable?

They’re going to learn a lot from this cutting activity! These cutting practice sheets will work on their scissor practice and help them cut straight lines and curvy lines, too.

These cutting straight line worksheet activities will help them build confidence in their cutting skills. Once they master these free printables, they can move on to working on zig zag and circle cutting.

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What it includes:

This fun cutting activity includes 4 pages of cutting activities for your child. From straight lines to curvy lines, they’ll be able to work the scissors to all different angles.

Print out the free cutting sheets and let them get started! They’ll love following the dotted lines and showing off their cutting skills.

Memorial Day cutting practice worksheets for preschoolers

Fun ways to use this printable:

You can use this printable to launch into a lot of other fun learning activities and ideas! There are so many other ideas that you can use do to pair with these Memorial Day activities for preschoolers! Celebrating Memorial Day can be a fun and creative time, too!

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Use these great resources for more learning fun. Simply click the image to see the learning activity!

Have them draw an American Flag and cut it out

This way, they’ll get to work on their drawing skills and cutting skills at the same time. Once they draw the United States flag, hang it up on the fridge for everyone to see! (Make sure that they color in the red white and blue colors as well!)

Talk about what Memorial Day means to them

Since you’re doing these activities and talking about the day, have them talk about what Memorial Day means to them. This will give them the chance to open up their minds and thoughts and converse with you as well.

This activity can also be used for Veterans Day as well. If you want to talk about past history with the kids and use this in your homeschooling lesson, have a discussion about the Civil War or the World War, too. Talk about all the men and women that have fought for freedoms! These free Memorial Day printables are great for taking and learning about history.

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Let the kids create a wacky line for you to cut out

Why not let the kids take over and create a crazy scissor line for you to cut out? They’ll have a kick out of trying to create a scissor line to cut out and see if you’re able to do it.

This will challenge their cutting skills and help them get more confident while using the scissors.

simple cutting worksheets for Memorial Day

More Memorial Day Activities & Printables:

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