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We're Going on a Bear Hunt {Free Printables!}

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 We’re going on a bear hunt!  We’re going to catch a big one!

There’s just something about that rhyme that kids love!

This week, we’re learning about bears (and hibernating) and of course, we had to read this book:

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt


Don’t have the book? You can “read” it on SchoolTube!!


We still had the bear cave set up from yesterday’s activities, so it worked out perfectly there.  We decided to turn our hallway into the path from the book.  To begin, we checked the book and the made matching decorations for both the hallway and kitchen, leading the way to the bear cave!

Going on a bear hunt

Tall Grass.  Cold River

Of course, we had to do the motions and the sound effects as we “walked” through these areas.

Going on a Bear Hunt

This was our muddy swamp.  A brown sheet would have been much more realistic, but alas — I don’t have one.

Going on a Bear Hunt!

Instead of making new trees for the “Stumble-Trip” forest, I just used our Christmas tree from the Alphabet Tree activity.

Going on a bear hunt

These were the snowflakes in the big storm, cut from coffee filters.  Quick and Easy.

Going on a Bear Hunt

At the end of the “hunt”, there were usually one or two bears waiting inside the cave.  We peeked in and were greeted by a fierce “ROAR!”  Of course, we ran back through the kitchen, back down the hallway and into the bedroom.  The kids jumped onto the bed and covered up!

2013-01-08 14.19.14

This activity was a huge hit and covered a bunch of things from the preschool checklist!

Be Sure to Check out These Free Printables!

Coordinating Toddler Activity:

  • Go on a super simple bear hunt using a teddy bear and this post by Rainy Day Mum!

Check Off Your List:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Scissor Practice (if your kids help with the grass or snowflakes)
  • Retelling stories
  • Remembering objects from a picture
  • Understand over and under
  • Understands fast and slow
  • Able to march

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