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Flag Day Cutting Practice

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This Flag Day Cutting Practice is perfect for scissor skills. Use these patriotic cutting sheets to work on fine motor activities for kids. Scissors work on using the small muscles in their hands and these workouts work on holding the scissors while they’re cutting.

Preschool cutting worksheets are great for learning activities. Cutting skills are great for fine motor skills and the kids will learn how to carefully open and close the scissors to cut along the lines. Check out the rest of our Printable preschool cutting worksheets.

USA Flag themed scissor skills sheets for fine motor practice

Use these cutting printables as a simple way to work on visual motor skills and gross motor skills, too. They’ll love cutting from American flag to American flag and this is a fun activity for Memorial Day as well.

What will the kids learn by using this printable?

Not only will they learn how to cut on a straight line but they’ll also learn how to hold the paper correctly the next time that they’re cutting as well.

What it includes:

This four-page printable includes cutting lines for the kids to learn scissor skills. They’ll be able to cut along the lines on all the pages to really work on their coordination.

simple cutting worksheets for Flag Day

Fun ways to use this printable:

While the point of this printable is to help the kids cut better, there are other fun ideas that you can easily work into the activity as well.

Have them make a play dough flag

See if they can create a flag using playdough. This is another fine motor activity (great occupational therapy skills happening!) that will have them be creative as well.

Talk to them about the United States

Since the printables have flags on them, why not talk to them about the United States? This is a great way to teach them about the US while they’re active with their hands as well.

Have them create a fun flag craft

They can create a fun craft out of popsicle sticks or even create coloring pages as well. Anything that they want to do, they can! Use this printable as a way to launch their creativity and imagination!

Flag Day cutting practice worksheets for preschoolers

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