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Fruits and Veggies Cutting Practice

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Fruits and Veggies Cutting Practice is great for early learners. Help them with their fresh scissor skills while also celebrating national fruit and vegetables day. This free printable is great for scissor skills activities and perfect for practicing cutting, too.

Add this to your list of preschool activities! It’s always a good idea to have worksheets and activities for kids to be able to build confidence as well. We have more Printable Cutting Worksheets for preschoolers, too!

Don’t miss out on this free preschool worksheet for cutting practice. They’ll love being able to use their skills to cut out straight lines!

Fruits and Veggies themed scissor skills sheets for fine motor practice

Use these cutting sheets as a great way to talk about fruit and vegetable month or just to work on hand-eye coordination as well.

The best part about these cutting sheets is that they’re user-friendly for the kids to use as well. As long as you can print them out, they’ll be able to cut on the lines and show off how they’ll improve.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Once your child sees this printable, they’ll be able to use their scissors skills to cut up and down the lines. This will help them build confidence and be able to complete their cutting activities on their own.

What it includes:

These preschool worksheets include four different printable worksheets that work on their fine motor skills with cutting activities. Each page has lines for them to practice scissor skills and learn to use scissors at the same time.

simple cutting worksheets for National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

Fun ways to use this printable:

While the purpose is to use this for cutting practice, there are so many fun ways to expand the learning opportunities. We like to always think of new ideas and activities on ways to expand the learning topic.

Since this printable is about veggies, it just makes sense to have even more veggie fun!

Create a fun coloring page

There is always room to draw and color pictures! Have your child draw a fresh fruit and vegetable and then have them color it in.

Don’t forget to hang it up when they’re done. Supporting your little artist is always a good idea. Plus, they’ll be so proud to have their artwork displayed for all to see!

Learn about national fresh fruit day

Now is as good a time as ever to learn about the importance of eating healthy foods. Talk about the food groups and then ask them what their favorite fruits and veggies are.

You can even head to the kitchen and make up some healthy snacks for them to eat and enjoy as well.

Work on their pre writing skills or make a color by number

They can use the dotted lines to create a tracing letter activity or even a fun number coloring activity. Then they can trace over the letters or colors in the number pictures that they create.

National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month cutting practice worksheets for preschoolers

More Printable Preschool Cutting Worksheets:

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