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Three Little Pigs Preschool Cutting Practice

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These Three Little Pigs Preschool Cutting Practice worksheets will help your Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten children work on dexterity, scissor skills, and fine motor skills. Plus, they are fun and adorable!

These pig themed cutting sheets are fun pig activities for the kids! Not only will they be able to work on their dexterity but they’ll get to work on their hand-eye coordination, too! Use these cutting worksheets as a way to strengthen their hand muscles and their coordination.

Be sure to check out my Printable Cutting Worksheets for Preschoolers for even more great cutting activities and themed ideas.

Three Little Pigs Preschool Cutting Practice

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some free preschool scissor skills sheets to help your children with their scissor skills.  I hope you find these homeschooling freebies useful for you in your homeschool classes!  Simply click the image near the bottom of this article to download your free printables.

What will your early learner learn from this printable?

These Three Little Pigs worksheets are great for early learners to join in on the learning fun. They’ll learn sequencing cut skills as well as various cutting skills to follow directions.

What it includes:

This pack includes pages filled with fun Three Little Pigs cutting lines. All of the activities included will have them following along and cutting their way from one point to another.

Fun ways to use this printable:

You can absolutely use these printables just like they are but there are other ideas that you can use as well. I always try to use printables for other fun learning activities if at all possible. Once you get rolling with a theme, it’s as simple as picking other fun ideas that stay with that same theme. Here are some of my other favorite ideas that you can use to work with the 3 Little Pigs themed activities!

Pair up with other fun educational activities

You can create sequencing cards or fun matching pictures that are all about the three little pigs. See what ideas the kid has and then find a way to make a game or new learning activity.

Create a house for the pigs to live in

We all know the story about the houses and the pigs so challenge the kids to create a house that the big bad wolf can’t knock down!

Have the kids draw a color their own pig pictures

Just grab some new paper and draw some pigs on it. Let the kids color them in and cut them out! This is a fun way for them to work on their drawing skills as well!


Click Here for 3 Little Pigs Story Sequencing Worksheets


More FREE Three Little Pigs Resources:

Enhance Your Three Little Pigs Learning:

Looking for more fun items to help you in teaching your kids about the Three Little Pigs or to round out a 3 little pigs unit study? Check out my top picks from Amazon!

Three Little Pigs Books for Kids

Don’t just read the Three Little Pigs!  Included below is the story from the Wolf’s point of view and a reverse story about a Big Bad Pig!  These books are too cute not to read and discuss with your child!


Educational Three Little Pigs Goodies for Kids

From felt to board games.  Finger puppets to toys.  These three little pigs educational toys are sure to enhance your children’s learning experience.


Why are fine motor skills important for younger children to learn?

Developing fine motor skills in younger children is especially important because these fundamental abilities will carry through as a foundational base for further academic and practical learning.

For a child to efficiently learn more demanding tasks, they need to have basic skills such as being able to write with a pencil or manipulate small objects with their hands and fingers.

A lack of sufficient fine motor control can lead to an inability to adequately write out their thoughts and ideas, resulting in more difficulty comprehending complex topics and material.

Mastering fine motor skills at an early age will give children the confidence to become competent learners, setting them up for future success.

How do I teach my child safety when using scissors?

In order to ensure that your child is safe when handling scissors, it is important to provide them with proper instruction while they are still learning.

Educate your child on the risks of using scissors, such as not pointing them at themselves or others, and that cutting should always be done away from their body.

Make sure you also explain why it is important for them to pay attention and stay focused on the task at hand when using scissors.

Demonstrate how to properly hold and use scissors and provide enough practice for them to become comfortable with the tool.

Supervision is also key; check in regularly when your child uses scissors until they understand how to do so safely.

By following these steps, your child will develop the skills necessary for the confident and safe use of scissors.

What other ways help a preschooler learn how to cut with scissors?

One way to effectively help a preschooler learn how to cut with scissors is through art projects. Cutting shapes out of paper, fabric, or other materials can provide an element of fun and encourage the development of fine motor skills necessary for handling scissors correctly.

Before introducing scissors, provide a preschooler with practice materials like play dough, clay, or pipe cleaners so they can become familiar with grasping and manipulating small objects.

Visualization exercises can also help children develop cutting accuracy as they imagine tracing lines around shapes in different directions.

Once the child is comfortable using scissors, it is important to emphasize how cutting slowly and carefully will result in cleaner cuts and aid in managing the physical aspects of holding and using the tool.

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