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Buffalo Flavored Recipes

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These Buffalo Flavored Recipes are perfect for a spicy treat! If you like buffalo hot sauce, cayenne pepper, or are looking for some great game day recipes, you’re in the right place!

This list is packed full of buffalo chicken recipes and so much more! Check out my Super Bowl Party Recipes and Ideas for even more party fun.

So many recipes and uses of buffalo sauces to choose from! This list of recipes has options for appetizers, dips, and more!

I’m all about a good hot sauce recipe. Buffalo wings with extra pepper sauce are one of my best-loved buffalo recipes!

I’ve made up these recipes and I literally love them all. We like to add a bit of spice to our days so these recipes are the best!

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What dips go best with hot and spicy foods?

We always have ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing on hand for dipping hot chicken or buffalo cauliflower in. I find that creamy salad dressings are perfect for taking away some of the heat!

But I will say that buffalo chicken dip is actually a really great dip that is spicy and perfect for dipping chips into as well!



What side dishes go well with spicy main entrees?

If you’re going to cook up spicy chicken breast or any other cut of chicken, you can’t go wrong with mac and cheese. I also love to have baked beans on hand or even a refreshing salad.

I also always have veggies as an option as well because I like to have a few healthy options with my dinners.

Check out this list of 18 side dishes that pair well with chicken wings for a few options.

Buffalo Flavored Recipes

This list of buffalo-flavored recipes is perfect for snacking at home or sharing with family and friends.

No matter what hot wings sauce you like, you’re certain to find a recipe here that you love.

Which of these buffalo recipes do you plan on making first?

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