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Arkansas Books for Kids

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In this post about Arkansas Books for Kids, we are sharing some of our favorite children’s books that help to teach about the state, the history, and the diverse landscape. Make sure to check out the rest of my book recommendations for all ages, too!

Our booklist below includes picture books for young children as well as chapter books for the older crowd. We have listed books about Arkansas and books with characters who live there.

Now, read on to learn a bit about the 25th state and to choose Arkansas books that are perfect for your children.

collage images of 6 book covers from this list of Arkansas Books for Kids

When planning your 50 states unit study, make sure to add books like these to your lesson plan.

Arkansas is a land-locked state full of water! Known for its beautiful lakes, rivers, and hot springs, there are over 600,000 acres of lakes in Arkansas!

Plus, in 1921, the 18th national park was designated in Hot Springs Arkansas. Known as “The American Spa,” it is home to 47 natural hot springs with an average water temperature of 143° Fahrenheit and many are easily accessible from West Mountain Drive’s main scenic road.

Why is Arkansas called The Natural State?

Arkansas’s official nickname is “The Natural State” because of its landscape. The rolling hills, mountains, and forests make Arkansas a beautiful place to live!

Officially adopted by the legislature in 1995 this nickname highlights the “…unsurpassed scenery, clear lakes, free-flowing streams, magnificent rivers, meandering bayous, delta bottomlands, forested mountains, and abundant fish and wildlife.”

Arkansas has actually had 8 different nicknames since 1858 when Arkansas had its first recorded nickname in print; it was then known as The Bear State.

Undoubtedly, Arkansas was referred to as The Bear State by early settlers who found the territory teeming with this animal!

Past Arkansas nicknames were things like:

  • The Razorback State
  • The Wonder State
  • The Land of Opportunity

In fact, some people still use the above nicknames!

How Many National Parks are in Arkansas?

If you Google this question, it can be downright confusing! Many places say 7 and many others say 8! I spent quite a bit of research time to figure out if Arkansas really has 7 or 8 National Parks.

There are 52 State Parks, 7 National Parks, and 1 National Historic Trail in The Natural State.

Find out about all of them at the Arkansas State Parks site and find out about a few famous ones in some of the books below.

Educational Arkansas Resources

The book list below contains stories that teach about many of the things we discussed above!

Before reading these Arkansas Books for Kids with your child, talk about why and the significance of that book to the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas Books for Kids

Our top picks of Children's Books about Arkansas will help children learn about the Natural State.

We have included picture books and chapter books about the state, the famous people of Arkansas, and even historical events.

We have also included stories based in Arkansas to help you reinforce the history of this great state.

Are you excited about learning about the beautiful waters and varied history of this state with these resources and Books about Arkansas for Children?

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