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Best Hamburger Soup Recipes

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Years ago, I shared our favorite crockpot hamburger soup recipe. Y’all love it so much that it has been one of my top posts ever since. Then, you started asking for more, more, more!

Now, I have a ton of soup variations, but I have gathered up my best hamburger soup recipes for you to try this month.

delicious hamburger soup recipes

Down here in south Alabama, we have to eat soup year-round or we would never get to enjoy this delicious comfort food. I love the many flavors of hamburger soup that you can get just by changing a few minimal ingredients.

Give me a hearty bowl of soup and some crusty bread any day of any week and I am one happy girl!

Can I freeze hamburger soup?

Absolutely! Most tomato based soups freeze very well. I fill a gallon freezer bag up, squeeze out the air, and lay it flat in my freezer. Once it is frozen, I can stand the bags up so that they take up less room.

Then, to defrost, I simply pull out the bag and set it on the counter for a couple hours before adding it to my slow cooker or stovetop.

Please note, though, that butter based soups don’t tend to freeze the greatest.

Also, starchy vegetables like russet potatoes can become grainy in the freezer.

So, if you are making a soup to freeze, simply leave the potatoes and pastas out. You can add them in the defrosting and reheating phases.



How long does Hamburger Soup last in the refrigerator?

Maybe you missed the part where I took in two extra boys and now have 6 guys ranging from age 13 to 44? So, it doesn’t last in my fridge. Nothing does. LOL!

In all seriousness, according to all my research, ground beef soups can last 3-4 days in the fridge.

For me, if something has been in there more than a few days, I add it to my freezer container for leftover soup OR if it is enough for a full meal, I just freeze it for a later date.

There isn’t much that is worse than wasting food, so I try to stay on top of keeping the leftovers handled.

ground beef soup recipes

You can make soup night extra special by serving the soup in your handmade Rae Dun inspired soup mugs!

Make sure to put out some crackers and yummy bread, too.

Yeah, yeah, enough chatter, right? Here we go!

The Best Hamburger Soup Recipes

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