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South Dakota Crafts for Kids

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South Dakota is probably best known as the home of Mount Rushmore – an enormous presidential monument carved into the side of a mountain. Mount Rushmore features the likenesses of four U.S. presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. It’s truly an incredible sight.

But South Dakota is also home to amazing wildlife and unique geological formations. Get a look at some of the state’s wonders with these cute South Dakota crafts for kids! These hands-on activities are a wonderful addition to a South Dakota state unit study!

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South Dakota Crafts for Kids

South Dakota Crafts for Kids:

1. As you’re learning about Mount Rushmore (located in Rapid City, South Dakota), try this easy paper Abraham Lincoln Craft the kids can make!

2. Ranching is still one of the most popular professions in South Dakota. Let the kids pretend to be cowboys with this Lasso the Letters Activity!

3. South Dakota is one of the states that experiences four distinct seasons each year. This gorgeous Four Seasons Tree Craft is a fun way to explore how trees change during each season!

4. Goats are one of the animals that are commonly seen outdoors in North Dakota. This G is for Goat Craft is a perfect activity!

South Dakota Crafts for Kids to Make

5. During the winter, South Dakota is prone to snow blizzards. Try this super cool Blizzard in a Bottle Sensory Activity with your little ones!

6. The history of South Dakota includes plenty of gold mining. Let your older kids make this neat Gold Nugget Necklace using rocks and spray paint!

7. The American Bald Eagle lives in the wild in South Dakota. This feathery Bald Eagle Craft is a fun project for the kids!

8. Wild turkeys are frequently hunted in South Dakota. Dye some pasta to make this adorable Elbow Macaroni Turkey Craft!

South Dakota Crafts for Kids and Parents

What South Dakota crafts for kids has you made with your family? Tell us your crafting experiences!

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