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Utah Crafts for Kids

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The state of Utah didn’t become an official U.S. state until the late 1800s. This area was considered wild and undiscovered for many years, but once people started to move into the region, they found that Utah features plenty of amazing animals, gorgeous landscapes, and rich culture.

When you’re ready to study this Western state with the kids, add some of these fun and hands-on Utah crafts for kids to your lesson! You can use these easy projects to explain the climate of the state, as well as its history and its flora and fauna!

There are plenty of other U.S. states located nearby to explore as well! Get a look at the Pacific Northwest with these fun Oregon crafts for kids too!

Utah Crafts for Kids

Utah Crafts for Kids:

1. Utah’s state bird is the California gull, a relative of the common seagull. Make this cute Paper Plate Seagull to help kids get an idea of what these birds look like!

2. The Transcontinental Railroad – the first railroad to be constructed across the United States – ends in Utah. Let kids try their own skills at railroad building with this Backyard Railroad Engineering Activity!

3. Much of Utah’s land is made up of desert-like surroundings. Construct this Desert Sensory Bin and fill it with all kinds of desert animal toys!

4. Like most arid climates, Utah doesn’t get a lot of rain. When storms pop up, though, they can be severe. Kids will love making this Playdough Thunderstorm!

Utah Crafts for Kids to Try

5. Wild moose are one of the types of animals that live in Utah. This easy Coffee Filter Moose Craft is a cute animal project for the kids!

6. The Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002. Watch a few videos from the games and then help your children make these Salt Dough Olympic Medals they can wear!

7. Brown bears and black bears are also native to Utah. Turn some old toilet paper rolls into these mammals with this simple Cardboard Tube Bear Craft!

8. The Bonneville Salt Flats are an incredible salt formation located in Utah. Learn how these natural wonders develop with this Salt Flats Formation Experiment!

Utah Crafts for Kids to Make

What Utah crafts for kids can you come up with? Have you tried any projects with your kids? Share your ideas in the comments!

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