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Oklahoma Crafts for Kids

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“Ohhhhh-klahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!” I admit: The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Oklahoma is the musical. 🙂 And this state is probably best known for its wide open spaces and plains.

But Oklahoma is home to lots and lots of wildlife – a lot more than I thought. And that makes it a super fun state to learn about with kids who love animals! Use these fun Oklahoma crafts for kids to help your children learn more about this state, which officially joined the United States in 1907.

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Oklahoma Crafts for Kids

Oklahoma Crafts for Kids:

1. The state insect of Oklahoma is the honeybee. This super cute Egg Carton Bee Craft is a perfect bee activity for the kids!

2. Oklahoma has an official game bird: the wild turkey. There are so many of them in the state that people are allowed to hunt them in the wild. Let the kids get some art play with this Paper Plate Painted Turkey craft!

3. Oklahoma’s state flower is the Oklahoma Rose. Turn some old picnic supplies into flowers with these simple Paper Plate Roses!

4. The Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team is the state’s only professional basketball team. Let your little sports fan make this easy Coffee Filter Basketball Craft!

Oklahoma Crafts for Kids to Try

5. The bullfrog is Oklahoma’s state amphibian. This adorable Paper Plate Frog Craft actually has a tongue that sticks out!

6. Oklahoma’s state percussive instrument is the drum – the instrument often used by its Native American population for celebrations. This cute D is for Drum Craft is perfect for Letter of the Week!

7. Both red and gray foxes are native to the state of Oklahoma. This easy Toilet Paper Roll Fox Craft is too cute for words!

8. Oklahoma’s state fruit is the strawberry. Help kids learn to sew with this absolutely adorable DIY Strawberry Plushie!

Oklahoma Crafts for Kids to Make

Do you have any more Oklahoma crafts for kids to try? Share your ideas in the comments!

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