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Wyoming Crafts for Kids

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Wyoming is best known for its wide open landscapes, mountains, and plains. This state is one of the least populated in the U.S., but its small population leaves plenty of its beautiful land untouched. Due to its magnificent surroundings, Wyoming has several national parks, including the world-famous Yellowstone National Park.

Because Wyoming is so well known for its amazing geography, these Wyoming crafts for kids feature plenty of natural craft ideas you can use to teach kids about habitats, biomes, and climate! Using these projects can help you combine geography and science into one fun unit!

Wyoming is also famous for ranchers and cowboys. Add some of these cute cowboy learning printables for kids to your lesson plan!

Wyoming Crafts for Kids

Wyoming Crafts for Kids:

1. Wyoming is one of the few states that has an official state dinosaur. In Wyoming, it’s the triceratops. Gather up some supplies and make this cute Paper Plate Triceratops!

2. Turn your little readers into cowboys with this hands-on Lasso a Letter Fine Motor Activity kids will love! A perfect way to get preschoolers excited about reading!

3. Old Faithful, a natural geyser, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Yellowstone Park. Show kids how it works by making these awesome Soda Geysers! Just be sure to make them outside!

4. Mining is a major industry in Wyoming. Let the kids explore the feel and touch of digging for treasure with this Mining Sensory Dig!

Wyoming Crafts for Kids to Try

5. Remember those classic hobby horse toys? Let the kids practice galloping like cowboys with this super cute Unicorn Hobby Horse Craft!

6. Agriculture is one of Wyoming’s biggest industries. In fact, wool is one of the state’s largest natural products. Share this cute Sheep Shearing Preschool Scissor Activity with the kids to practice fine motor skills!

7. Jackson Hole Ski Resort is famous for its snowy ski slops. Turn playtime into winter with this fun recipe for Snow Slime!

8. Wyoming is home to many wind farms. See if the kids can build their own wind-powered machines with this Wind-Powered Stem LEGO Challenge!

Wyoming Crafts for Kids to Make

Do you have any other ideas for Wyoming crafts for kids? Tell me your tips and suggestions in the comments!

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