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Memorial Day Educational Activities for Kids

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Memorial Day is a time to remember those who died while serving our country – it so easily gets confused with Veterans Day, but this is NOT… this Holiday is strictly for those who lost their lives while fighting for our freedom!  Show your support to their family by remembering and teaching the true meaning of Memorial Day!

Crafts, Printables, and Unit Study Activities for Kids

Any of the following Memorial Day activities can help your kids to learn why we have it and how to show their support!

Memorial Day Virtual Field Trips:

You don’t have to leave home (or school) to go on a field trip to learn about our fallen heroes!  All of these places offer field trips that can be taken from right in front of your computer!  Learn about past Wars and some of the brave fighters from our history.

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, LA offers 13 interactive, fast-paced “Virtual Field Trips” that are videoconferenced LIVE into classrooms across the country. Guided by a museum educator, students analyze maps, photographs, artifacts, posters, speeches, and songs as they explore the chronologies, strategies, motivations, and outcomes behind these fascinating chapters of WWII history.  All videoconferences last one class period and include pre- and post-program curriculum materials.

While not an actual field trip, the National D-Day Memorial’s website is chock full of educators’ resources to help you!

Take a virtual field trip to a flag factory and learn all about our American Flag; its history, how to care for it, and more!

ducatevia360 has many virtual trips, but for this article, we are interested in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial where we can see and learn more about the Womens Memorial Statue, Three Soldiers Statue and The Wall.

History of Memorial Day:

Wikipedia has pulled several sources to tell us the true meaning of Memorial Day, but if you want to learn about the History of Memorial Day, you really should check out nothing other than the History Channel. LOL!  This short intro video is from them…

Memorial Day Crafts for Kids:

Let these kids mess up their work area and themselves with these fun crafts this Memorial Day!

DIY craft fun for kids this Memorial Day

This adorable Popsicle stick flag from Projects for Preschoolers would be perfect for the kids to make and go put on the graves of our Fallen Heroes!

Help the kids make these Patriotic Noisemakers and then send them of to Grandma’s to play with them 😉

You could build a Play-dough Battleground to discuss the sacrifices made by our Military and others involved in them, to recreate certain infamous War scenes, etc.

Get your crafting supplies ready and give them to the kids so they can make these fun Memorial Day Poppers!

Though this project was created for the Fourth of July, this adorable Flag Wreath would be a great (and EASY!) project for the kids to make to celebrate Memorial Day!

I love this Hand and Footprint flag from Tip Junkie – such a fun and messy project for the kids!

Memorial Day Worksheets:

No education is complete without some fine motor skills, handwriting practice, and Q & A sessions.  These Memorial Day worksheets will help you teach about this National Holiday!

Memorial Day Educational Worksheets

Preschoolers can work on number recognition with this Patriotic Roll & Cover worksheet from the Preschool Toolbox!

Can you find the related words in this Memorial Day Word Find?

Figure out the words to learn the sentence at the bottom of this Memorial Day Word Scramble!  (psst, you might need the answer key as well!)

All Kids Network has a great picture matching worksheet to help the younger children work on matching!

You know that I am all about handwriting… help your children improve their print with this Memorial Day Handwriting worksheet!

First Division Museum has put together a great little ebook of Memorial Day trivia perfect to help you in your Memorial Day unit study!

I love when I find a freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers, especially when they are so awesome – like this Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt!

More Memorial Day Resources:

Crafts and worksheets are all well and good, but what about books and toys?  Complete your Memorial Day unit study with any number of these resources!

  1. Memorial Day Books for Kids
  2. Memorial Day Toys for Kids

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