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Beautiful Birds {Preschool Colors}

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I might have mentioned before about how much my kids enjoyed the book 10 Little Eggs by Jean Marzollo.  Since we were learning about birds last week, I decided to check the book out from the library yet again and use it to review colors a bit.


These little eggs pop off the pages and as each one “hatches”, a bird of matching color appears on the next page.  As we were reading the book, I began to pause before turning the page to ask, “What color do you think the bird will be?”  After a few pages, the kids caught right on and loved shouting out the matching color as we turned through the pages.

We also talked about the colors of the Winter birds we see around our area such as the Blue Jay and the Cardinal.

Lake Metroparks Birding - Lake County Ohio

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To finish out our discussion about colors, we played a little color matching game with construction paper and items found around the house.  It would have been ideal if I had a bunch of different colored bird figures, but alas, I do not.   Want to play along?

Here’s What You Need:

  • Different colors of construction paper (8-9 different colors)
  • Various items of different colors

Color Matching Game

Here’s What You Do:

  • Gather up a variety of {mostly} one color items from around your house.  
  • Hold up one of the items and ask the kids what color it is.   After they have identified the color, have them match it to the appropriate piece of construction paper.
  • Repeat and have fun!

Check It Off Your List!

  • Colors
  • Matching
  • The Letter B (is for Bird)

Coordinating Toddler Activity

If your little one isn’t talking yet, now would be a perfect time to teach them sign language for bird.  I usually use ASL Pro to find signs, but I’m sure there are other places to check too!  I taught my 1.5 year old this sign last week and he has been having a blast pointing out birds (and doing the sign for bird) ever since.  He has even started saying “bird” a little bit now too!

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